Doing business in the collaboration economy

Why 'high-performance' is not just an option


Nallian is a cloud-based Data Sharing Platform that helps communities of business partners to become high-performance clusters.

We provide the platform and the tools that companies need to collaborate more effectively with partners in their value chain.


Create high-performance communities to synchronise processes, get network wide visibility or simply operate more as an agile network.

Nallian creates a single network-wide view across all of your business partners to allow your community to operate as one.


Connecting to Nallian’s Data Sharing Platform allows communities to share data in a simple, secure and controlled way.

Integrate once and share your transactional data with selected partners, leading to deeper insights and optimised decisions.

Meet some of our most flagship high-performance communities!
Using the Nallian data sharing platform, BRUCloud enables business collaboration between all cargo airport actors, collectively improving cargo handling and business performance, leading to a higher performance logistic hub.
A Nallian-based platform that facilitates horizontal collaboration, by bundling flows from thousands of shippers and creating a marketplace for continuous optimization. The benefits? Higher load factors, lower cost and a smaller carbon footprint.
An ambitious and innovative platform around Europe's second largest port in Antwerp, unlocking the community's data potential by enabling more and faster data sharing to increase efficiency and enhance collaboration in the whole shipping process.


Nallian's Community-in-a-box Data Sharing Platform facilitates publishing, sharing and consuming operational and master data, so that communities aspiring to become High-Performance Clusters can synchronize operational processes, leverage visibility on the whole, and jointly build applications that achieve what no organization can achieve on his own.

Smart collaboration based on one single version of the joined truth, whether that collaboration is horizontal or vertical. And yes, it can also replace EDI on the fly.

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