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Clusters 2.0

About Clusters 2.0

The Clusters 2.0 project unites 29 European companies and institutions to find new ways to leverage the full potential of European logistics hubs for a sustainable, efficient, performant and fully integrated transport system. One of the success factors of the project will be to validate and demonstrate business cases making use of an Open Network of Logistics Clusters.

Clusters 2.0 - Vision

  • CO-ORDINATION: Enhancing and advancing towards a better co-ordination between logistics actors in clusters
  • CONNECTIVITY: Improving co-ordination and connectivity between European logistics clusters
  • OPEN: Making optimal use of an Open Network of Logistics Clusters
    Clusters 2.0 - Solutions
  • CARGOSTREAM: Establishing CargoStream, a European wide community for freight sharing and collaboration (demand side)
  • ASSET MANAGEMENT: Optimized handover and asset management through real time services at depots and terminals
  • NEW LOADING UNITS: Developing New Modular Loading Units and innovative handling and transhipment technology to accelerate handling processes within clusters for road and intermodal modes
  • GOVERNANCE MODELS: Newly developed governance models introducing the role of a neutral agent forming the basis for new business model
  • ENHANCED SERVICES: Enhanced services on the supply side introducing the concept of Proximity Terminal Networks (PTN) enabled by enhanced information and asset management
  • REGULATION: Regulation and policy enhancing the set-up of collaborative cluster environment

Read the Clusters 2.0 newsletter here.

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