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Frontend Developer

You build beautiful and user-friendly web/app interfaces for both the Nallian Data Sharing Platform and applications developed on top of it. You provide our analysts with the building blocks to design the optimal UX, and turn their designs into a modern and effective UI for our users. 


  • Build the UI for different Nallian Data Sharing Platform features and for other applications
  • Identify and build reusable UI components that can be shared among the different applications
  • Understand our existing UIs and be able to review them to improve usability and performance
  • Lead Nallian in its transition from server side rendering to single page applications
  • Be the owner the frontend build setup in order to achieve continuous integration and continuous deployment
  • Keep an eye open for the next helpful frontend development tools and apply them to our stack
  • Work with our platform engineers and application developers to optimize the APIs they provide

Technical Skills

  • You are comfortable developing frontend apps in a service-oriented, API-heavy environment 
  • You are fluent in Javascript, asynchronous programming, closures, types and ES6
  • You are experienced in building single page applications, preferably in React
  • You know how to manage application state (Redux or Flux)
  • You know your way around React, Babel, Webpack ...
  • You are fluent with HTML5 and (S)CSS and master tools and techniques to optimise page performance
  • You recognise and identify (reusable) components
  • You are familiar with browser testing and debugging

General Qualifications

  • You have the correct mind-set and flexibility to work in a start-up company: self-starter, taking initiatives, sometimes wearing multiple hats
  • You feel at home in a small team of sales, analysts and developers, working together on developing successful projects for our customers
  • You can effectively communicate processes, ideas, and design concepts verbally, visually, and in writing, and you can facilitate working meetings, choosing the appropriate communication style adapted to your audience 
  • You have a strong problem solving ability and take pride in delivering high-quality, tangible results
  • You have excellent verbal and written communication skills in (minimally) Dutch and English
  • You are aware of costs and budgets
  • You are eager to learn and expand your skills and knowledge and follow the latest developments of new technologies, methods and trends
  • You have a healthy sense of humour

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Building the future

At Nallian, you’ll find a challenging job and team-focused environment that thrives on innovation and grows your skills and career.

You’ll help build a cloud-based collaboration platform that will significantly change the way global companies do business.

Working at a startup, you’ll have lots of responsibility and accountability and you’ll be able to make a big impact and make a difference!

You’ll work in an exciting, positive and awesome atmosphere plus we encourage teleworking to ensure good work/life balance.

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