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Nallian Cargo Cloud, not your regular Cargo Community System

Efficiency and transparency in the connected cargo hub

Nallian's Cargo Cloud empowers the different actors at the cargo hub (airport authorities, ground handling agents, freight forwarders, trucking companies, regulatory institutions, ...) to efficiently align and coordinate their cross-company processes. So they operate as one instead of as dozens of silos: efficiently, pro-actively and transparently. A connected approach that generates unparallelled benefits for both the individual actors and the cargo hub as a whole. 

Attract more volume & develop new capabilities with outstanding operational efficiency

Do more with existing infrastructure without the need to invest in brick & mortar

Eliminate waiting times, avoid congestion & reduce the cargo hub's carbon footprint

Enjoy end-to-end visibility and transparency in your cargo operations

Achieve sustainable business growth with stellar service reliability and performance

Tailored to your cargo hub's processes

Designed by and for cargo, Nallian's Cargo Cloud drives efficiency and transparency in your key processes. Its modular approach enables you to start small, optimizing that part of your cargo business that needs most attention first, and then scale as and when needed.  

Insights & Analytics
Providing granular levels of insights that help you take informed decisions and fuel your strategy.

Landside management
Empowering ground handlers, freight forwarders and trucking companies to streamline freight pick-up and delivery from A-Z.

Regulatory processes
Streamlining planning, communication and data-exchange with regulatory and governmental instances, such as customs or federal food agencies.

Track & Trace
Gain control and adopt a pro-active approach with end-to-end traceability and visibility on your shipment’s journey.

Landside Management

A smooth & digital flow empowering all actors  involved in the pick-up and drop off process at the cargo hub (ground handlers, freight forwarders,  trucking companies, regulatory instances, ..)  to better plan and coordinate their processes. 

Activate the modules you need according to the requirements of your cargo community: 

Nallian’s unique approach gives our business the agility it needs to remain ahead of the game, today and tomorrow. We have been impressed by the proven performance of the platform, and are convinced it will generate significant value for the airport and our stakeholders. 

​Steven Verhasselt, VP Commercial | Liege Airport

Regulatory processes


Eliminate inefficient paper-work, avoid duplicate, error-prone data-entries and coordinate inspections efficiently as you automatically provide correct and complete information to regulatory and governmental instances (Customs authorities, Federal Agency for Foods Safety etc.)

Activate the modules you need according to the requirements of your cargo community: 

Insights & Analytics

Periscopes that tap into your existing data and provide actionable insights ​in your end-to-end cargo streams or on the quality of your pharma shipments.

Data is presented in a complete set of intuitive reports and dashboards or made available in a data lake to be further enriched and explored by your own BI tools. 

Activate the modules you need according to the requirements of your cargo community: 

Visibility & Traceability

Enjoy end-to-end visibility throughout your shipments' journey as you capture and store relevant events and data at key milestones in the journey.  Having a reliable digital representation of the actual flow of the shipment allows you to dynamically plan and adjust actions so you can optimize operational efficiency and enable transparency.

Nallian's Cargo Cloud will make processing cargo through DFW more efficient by providing accurate and timely information to our cargo community. We are excited to work with our partner Nallian to offer this added value to our cargo and logistics customers.

John Ackerman, Executive Vice President of Global Strategy and Development | Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

A unique approach combining robustness with flexibility and best-of-breed

Nallian's Cargo Cloud is an extensive ecosystem of collaborative applications (or functionality, if you like) that run on our rock-solid data sharing platform. Applications are grouped into functional modules tailored to solve specific cargo challenges. They can be easily complemented with powerful add-ons to give performance an extra boost and integrate with 3rd party apps where needed. To facilitate gradual adoption, our modules are suited for both communities as well as individual entities and their network within a community (e.g. a ground handler and its trucking companies and freight forwarders). ​​

The power of Nallian's Cargo Cloud

Flexible & configurable

Start with the functionality you need, add as you grow

Open approach

Works with legacy systems and processes, easy to add (3rd party) functionality, no vendor lock-in


Digital approach avoids paperwork and the associated admin, costs and mistakes


Community members decide which use case to participate in, allowing gradual adoption

Single version of truth

Secure sharing and re-using of data, with the data owner always in control of who sees which part of his data

By air cargo, for air cargo

Developed by and for cargo actors, adapted to real-life cargo processes

BRUcloud, the data sharing platform of Brussels Airport's cargo community based on Nallian's Open Data Sharing Platform, enables the different stakeholders of our air cargo supply chain to work more “integrated” and act as a network. We are continuously adding more applications, so we can leverage the value of our shared data in as many processes as possible. 

Brussels Airport

Technology is important. But there's more. 

Choosing Nallian's Cargo Cloud is choosing proven, first-in-class technology. But there's more to succesfully building a connected cargo hub than picking the right technology. It's a change mangement process that requires a solid approach. At Nallian, we assist you with a unique combination of technical expertise and in-depth understanding of building connected communities across the globe. Leveraging our extensive experience, we will assist you with proven frameworks that help you address questions such as: ​

  • How do I create my business case?
  • How do I build and manage a connected community?
  • Where do I start?
  • How do maximise impact and minimize friction?
  • How do drive change? 

Whatever the stage of your project, you can rely on us to provie you with the right tools to maximise the impact of your efforts. 

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