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Equipment Booking

Manage pooled equipment efficiently 

The equipment booking app facilitates the booking and operational follow-up of pooled equipment at the air cargo zone. It matches supply and demand, ensures clear communication, provides better insight in equipment usage and enables equipment owners to maximise their return on investment.

Your benefits

As a booker

  • Easy booking process & follow-up
  • Insight in usage
  • Can be integrated with internal slot management system for efficient execution at the gate

As a ramp handler

  • Efficient usage with clear communication on timing & location of pick-up and delivery of equipment

As a supplier

  • Smoothen peaks and idle times
  • Insight in performance
  • Maximise return on investment

How does it work

Powered by Brussels Airport's Cargo Community, the application was originally developed as part of the BRUcloud project to facilitate the booking of Airside Pharma Dollies. It now enables the central management of bookings and maintenance of any type of pooled equipment.

The app matches supply and demand of equipment. As user-friendly interface facilitates the supply, booking and follow-up process. Clear communication and reporting provides relevant information and insights for all stakeholders.

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