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Logistics service provider Hazgo increases efficiency, quality and compliance using digital checklists for dangerous goods, pharmaceuticals and more

Logistics service provider Hazgo specializes in the logistics of dangerous goods and pharmaceutical shipments. To ensure security, efficiency, and quality of their checks, they replaced paper checklists by Nallian’s Check-it. The application digitalises their entire flow, from completing checklists to sending reports and updates, which allows them to save hours on administration, facilitate invoicing, and offer their customers better visibility and service.


Key benefits

Real-time status visibility

Ensures continuity of the flow for customers and internal stakeholders.

Ensuring quality & compliance

With industry and customer regulations and requirements.

Proof of execution

Easy sharing of status, pictures and reports. This reduces back and forth mailing and avoids discussions.

Usability and flexibility

One tool for many checks. Checklists and reports are easily configured per customer. 

Used for inspection of

  • Pharma
  • Dangerous goods 
  • Vehicles
  • Dry Ice

How it works

  • Checklists are created in the web platform
  • Operators are presented the relevant checklists according to their user profile, e.g. warehouse vs. office
  • They identify shipments by scanning the barcode on the MAWB or entering the reference number and capture all information, also pictures, via the mobile app
  • Reports and notifications are autmatically sent to customers and stakeholders
  • All data is available in real-time in the mobile and web app 

"One of the reasons we selected Nallian's Check-it is the flexibility of the system. We use it for a wide range of checks, such as DG, pharma, dry ice, but also for the inspection of our pool of vehicles."

Greg Moriau - Operations Director

DG checks, pharma checks, vehicle inspections, ... all checklists are completed digitally on a mobile device. 

What the Operations Director says | "A flexible system"

Greg Moriau: "We started using Check-it to offer our customers a better service and reduce the enormous administrative workload related to paper-based checks. One of the reasons we selected Nallian's Check-it is the flexibility of the system. You can easily configure it to the specific requirements of your organization and customers. This allows us to use one single application for a wide range of checks, such as DG, pharma, dry ice, but also for the inspection of our pool of vehicles. Because we work for various customers, we often get the request to include customer-specific elements in their checks. In Check-it we can easily configure checklists and reports for the different customers we serve." 

"Previously, I spent many hours per week scanning paperwork and sending emails. Now customers automatically receive notifications with clear status information and reports." 

Peter Van Boxcel, Account Manager

What the Account Manager says | "Less admin, better visibility and insights"

Less administration, more visibility

"Previously, I spent many hours per week scanning paperwork and sending emails. Customers would receive documents in an unstructured way. Now they automatically receive notifications with status information and reports per shipment. They can also consult their shipment status on the platform."

Less questions, proof of execution

"We get less questions from our customers because they have visibility on the status of their shipments. We also add pictures, so we have no  disputes regarding damage, labels, etc." 

Actions are registered in real-time, which gives all stakeholders a clear overview of what has been done, the status and what remains to be done. 

Insights and reporting

"Actions are registered in real-time with timestamps, which gives us a clear view of what has been checked, its status and what remains to be done. This way we can ensure the continuity of the flow. We can analyze typical hurdles in the process and train staff accordingly. We also have better insights in our performance, which learns us where we are growing and indicates trends in our operations."

Faster and complete invoicing

"Instead of spending hours compiling reports, we can now easily pull an overview of what was done for which customer. This improves and speeds up our invoicing process."

"Check-it helps us maintain product quality and compliance in our daily packaging activities." 

Jeroen Van Kerckhoven , Business Development Manager Pharma

"Because we automatically add pictures, we no longer have customer disputes regarding damage, labels, etc." 

What the Business Development Manager Pharma says | "Helps maintain product quality" 

"Check-it helps us avoid errors and maintain product quality and compliance in our daily pharmaceutical packaging activities for the BRUcargo community."

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