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TVP Logistics guarantees quality and compliance of pharma, GDP and TAPA transports using digital checklists

TVP Logistics specializes in air cargo, secured TAPA, GDP and pharma transport. In this high-value, highly regulated environment, correct and efficient checks on trailers, goods and paperwork are crucial to ensure quality and compliance. That’s why TVP Logistics replaced their paper checklists with a digital flow using Check-it. The application facilitates to capture data and pictures directly on a mobile device, communicate easily with stakeholders and give real-time status visibility. This approach offers TVP’s customers unparalleled levels of quality, transparency and reliability.

How it works

Back-office staff, warehouse operators and drivers no longer need to carry pen and paper but complete digital checklists on their mobile device. Whether they need to prepare and validate paperwork, inspect a trailer or (un)load a vehicle, each user is automatically presented with the correct actions and questions to ensure the transport is prepared in line with GDP or TAPA regulations.

The power of pictures

With the mobile app, users can easily include pictures, for example, to provide evidence of the condition of a trailer, temperature, damages on goods, etc. These are automatically attached to the correct object, which provides visual proof of condition or status and avoids customer disputes. Reports and updates are automatically shared with the relevant stakeholders.

Ivo Fremau, Sales Manager Nallian, adds: “Check-it is a flexible solution that digitalizes any kind of checklist. We are working with ground handlers, freight forwarders and trucking companies across the globe, and we are proud to support TVP Logistics with a digital way of working that allows them to deliver stellar service."

“At TVP Logistics, we continuously seek to optimize our processes using modern technology. Check-it helps us improve our service quality, transparency and reliability. The digital approach eliminates the risk of errors, facilitates communication, and we work more efficiently as we no longer have the hassle associated with paperwork. We are already using the digital checklists for our pharma shipments and will soon use them for other use cases.”

Nils Van Praet - General Manager TVP Logistics

Used for inspection of

  • GDP
  • Pharma
  • Truck inspection
  • Inspection of (un)loading

How it works

  • Checklists are created in the web platform
  • Truckers are presented the relevant checklists
  • They choose the right shipment and capture all information, also pictures, via the mobile app
  • Reports and notifications are automatically sent to customers and stakeholders
  • All data is available in real-time in the mobile and web app 

Key benefits

Real-time status visibility

Ensures continuity of the flow for customers and internal stakeholders.

Ensuring quality & compliance

With industry and customer regulations and requirements.

Proof of execution

Easy sharing of status, pictures and reports. This reduces back and forth mailing and avoids discussions.

Usability and flexibility

One tool for many checks. Checklists and reports are easily configured per customer. 

Want to explore Check-it could help your business?