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Inspection Management

An efficient and transparant import inspection process

Nallian's Inspection Management empowers all operational parties involved in the perishables import process to better coordinate, execute and have visibility on the different actions in the inspection process. This shortens turnaround time and provides transparency for regulatory instances, freight forwarders, and inspection point operators.

Efficient coordination and follow-up

Nallian's Inspection Management is a mobile and desktop app that allows freight forwarders, inspection point operators and the local Food Safety Authority to efficiently plan and execute all actions and digitally share the documentation and certificates regarding regarding the import process of perishable goods.

With the application

  • The freight forwarder or inspection point operator provides details about the goods to be inspected, links relevant documents/certificates, and notifies when shipments are ready for inspection
  • The Food Safety Authority creates work orders, assigns shipments to inspectors and verifies all documentation is ok (including presence of original documents)
  • In the mobile app, Food Safety Authority inspectors get an overview of all shipments assigned to them. Using their mobile device they register all info digitally during Check on Location
  • All information is stored centrally, accessible to all parties involved

Your benefits

Benefits for the freight forwarder

Keep the overview of all inspections & their status
  • Keep a clear overview of all inspections to be executed & related info
  • Enable better planning with proactive shipment declaration and realtime ‘Ready for Inspection’ notification
  • Take faster corrective actions thanks to real-time visibility on status (e.g. missing documents, missing goods, ...)
  • Plan next transports better thanks to visibility on time of inspection
  • Reduce physical movements (runner) and paperwork with data digitally available
  • Give customers real time feedback on status
  • Invoice faster, eliminate customer disputes (timestamps)

Benefits for the Food Safety Authority

Plan and execute inspection tasks more efficiently
  • Manage assignment and follow-up of documentary and physical inspection easily
  • Plan better thanks to visibility on arrival and departure (transit/pickup)time
  • Eliminate unnecessary physical movements (inspectors) thanks to real-time ‘Ready for Inspection’ notification
  • Execute documentary checks faster thanks to pro-active availability of certificates and documentation
  • Reduce paperwork with data digitally available
    Invoice faster, eliminate customer disputes (timestamps)

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