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Digital Desk App

Speed up driver check-in with a digital front desk

With the Digital Desk App you empower your front desk with a digital registration procedure that speeds up the process for both truck drivers and front desk staff. It increases efficiency and transparency with a paperless approach, and gives full visibility as it facilitates reservation of slots for all pick ups and deliveries.  

Efficient registration of all pick ups and deliveries

The Digital Desk App runs on a tablet or kiosk at the Ground Handler's front desk. It empowers all truck drivers, from Freight Forwarder to Road Feeder Services, to digitally register themselves upon arrival. They can confirm their existing slots or book new ones and consult and attach related MAWB or shipment information. Facilitating 100% registration of all pick-up and delivery slots, it gives the ground handler the visiblity he needs to assign gates and resources most efficiently. It can be combined with Pre-announcement via the online web app, to streamline the process even more. 

Your benefits

For Truck Drivers

  • Less waiting time at the Ground Handler’s front desk
  • Insight in booked slot details & linked freight details
  • No hassle with documentation thanks to paperless pick-up and delivery
  • Easy identity/access control and freight detail registration in one go

For Ground Handlers

  • Less workload for front desk personnel
  • Better planning efficiency in the warehouse through 100% Slot Booking registration
  • Less administration with paperless pick-up and delivery
  • Have all information regarding all pick ups an ddelveries in real-time at your fingertips
  • Identity checks and auditable trail to support security measures

How does it work

Upon arrival, the driver

  • Validates his identity via a personal or company ID
  • Activates a pre-announced visit or booked slot, or books a new slot
  • Optionally adds additional information (e.g. MAWB info)
  • Confirms and gets an overview of all slot details (time, type (pick up/delivery), gate, ...)

Fits any front desk approach

  • The application runs on the device of your choice (tablet/kiosk/...)
  • It integrates with your existing front desk solution
  • It can be installed at the front desk, the entrance of the cargo zone, the parking lot, ... 

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