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Dynamic Slots

Enjoy the benefits of Slot Booking in airport-to-airport or long-dinstance transportation

The Dynamic Slot module empowers trucking companies and ground handlers to coordinate pick ups and deliveries also when goods are being transported to/from off-premise, long-distance locations. Taking into account real-time ETAs, it enables them book and manage slots in a dynamic way, so they enjoy the benefits of Slot Booking, such as zero waiting time, accurate planning of resources and easy coordination and communication. 

Slot Booking adjusted to actual ETA

The Dynamic Slot module builds on the principles of traditional Slot Booking. but is geared towards the specific needs of airport-to-airport or long-distance deliveries. Integrated with transportation company's trucks' blackbox or Sat Nav application (such as BeMobile), it enables:

  • adjustment of booked time slots in line with real-time ETA updates 
  • easy communication between ground handlers and drivers during the drive 
  • ground handlers to keep the overview of all slots in one single interface
  • in the future, the uploading of documents such as e-CRM to further digitize the process

Your benefits

Trucking Companies

Easy Booking, Zero Waiting
  • Avoid waiting times at the ground handler’s facilities
  • Benefit from faster loading/unloading by informed and prepared ground handling staff
  • Receive clear instructions from the handler on the mobile app 
  • Avoid paperwork, reduce administration
  • Respect SLA’s and keep your customer promise

Ground handlers

Smoothened Capacity, Faster Processing
  • Optimize personnel and asset planning according to announced orders
  • Smoothen out capacity, avoid peaks and idle teams
  • Ensure efficient handling by better informed staff
  • Handle more volume with the same amount of staff and gates
  • Reduce operational stress and avoid errors through proactive data sharing
  • Keep the overview of all booked slots in one single interface

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