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Menzies eliminates wait time and improves efficiency with Nallian's Truck Visit Management Solution at LAX

LAX's large, busy cargo zone is facing many congestion issues. Not so at Menzies Aviation. The ground handling agent has eliminated wait times, maximized capacity, and makes better use of resources using Nallian's Truck Visit Management Solution. A digital front desk and slot booking system ensure a smooth flow of the freight pick up and drop offs at its premises. 

Key benefits achieved

Less wait times

Truckers no longer show up unannounced but at a pre-booked time slot, which eliminates wait times.  

Better customer service

Truck drivers are handled faster at the gates as Menzies is prepared for the announced visits. 

Better staff planning

Having visibility on who is coming when makes it easier to plan the correct amount of staff.  

Free-up front desk staff

Front desk staff can focus on ensuring a smooth flow and managing visits that require special attention, rather than on administration. 

Solution at a glance

Nallian's Truck Visit Management Solution, using the modules:  

  • Digital Front Desk: digital front desk, available in English and Spanish, facilitating self-registration for truck drivers 
  • Slot Booking/Slot Management: enabling truck drivers and freight forwarders to book a time slot for freight pick up / drop off
  • Sharing Shipment Details: in the future, the TVM solution will be fully integrated with their cargo management system, enabling easy sharing of freight details.

How it works

  • Menzies makes dock doors available for slot reservation. This is done via a range of parameters, allowing to set e.g. different opening hours for import/export/pharma/...
  • Freight forwarders and trucking companies reserve a time slot to pick up or drop off freight
  • The GHA has a clear overview of who is coming when, which is also displayed on a big screen at the front desk
  • Upon arrival, the truck driver registers himself at the Digital Desk. He gets a priority treatment and is issued to the correct gate
  • Warehouse staff has visibility on who is coming when, which accelerates the handling process
  • Upon departure, the driver logs his departure at the front desk
"The solution allows me to focus on ensuring the continuity of the flow, instead of on administration and discussions with truck drivers." 

What the Front Counter Supervisor says | "Making my work easier."

Lily Mejia: "The system makes my work a lot easier. I now have a clear overview of who is coming and when. If needed, I will slightly adjust the booked slots based on my knowledge of our customers and how long it will take to handle the freight they will pick up or drop off. This helps us ensure the continuity of our service. As I spend less time on administration and discussions with drivers, I can focus on ensuring continuity of the flow and handling last-minute visits or visits that require special attention.

"As I spend less time on administration and discussions with drivers, I can focus on ensuring continuity of the pick up and drop off flow."

Lily Mejila - Front Counter Supervisor

What the General Manager says | "Customers no longer complain."

Petr Cizek, General Manager: "We used to have no visibility on who would be coming when to pick up or drop off goods. Trucks would show up unannounced, often at the same time, which created waiting times. Today, we channel activity and control the flow, as trucking companies and freight forwarders need to book a slot according to our availability. This eliminates wait times, but it also enables us to offer a better and faster service at the gate, since we can plan staff and prepare freight for the scheduled pick ups and drop offs. As a result, we are delivering a better service to our customers. It is my most important indicator for success: our customers no longer complain." 

"Trucks used to show up unannounced. Today we channel activity and are in control of the flow."

"My most important indicator for success? Our customers no longer complain."

Petr Cizek - General Manager

What the Freight Forwarder says | "The solution works well"

Katie Griley, President of Griley Airfreight: "When Menzies started the solution, we saw an immediate impact. We believe in the solution because we have seen it work, and it works well." 

Fast roll-out and adoption

In only 8 weeks, the solution was up and running, and the first slots were being booked. Menzies started the exercise with a handful of freight forwarders and trucking companies, and gradually onboarded more users. Today, more than 40 parties are using the system, representing 80% of the cargo volume handled. This amount is still growing, as also the smaller actors are now joining. 

Petr Cizek adds: "Getting everyone involved in the project is key. We started with a small group of users and very much engaged with them, explaining why we were adopting this approach, showing them the benefits, and training them on how to use the system. We've received precious feedback from them. We've then continued and repeated this process with the next waves of users."

In only 8 weeks the solution was up and running and first slots were being booked.

Digital Front Desk facilitating driver registration

Digital Front Desk module runs on Ipad Tablets on a mobile stand in the front desk area. It allows all drivers to self-register themselves digitally upon arrival. The interface is available in English and Spanish, a significant benefit for the multilingual LAX community.

Petr Cizek: "We have selected Nallian's solution after carefully studying the market. We have seen how the solution worked at Brussels Airport and found it to be the most flexible and best fit for our needs. Given the challenging situation at the LAX cargo hub, the implementation in this station was considered a solid test case. It has proven to be very successful. 

Nallian Menzies Hermes Truck Visit Management

Want to explore how our Truck Visit Management solution could help your business? 

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