Benefits for Ground Handlers

Handle more freight with the same amount of gates

With Nallian's Landside Management Suite you better coordinate and streamline your cargo handling proces so you can handle more freight with the same amount of gates and deliver stellar service.

Streamline your cargo handling

Nallian's open data sharing platform and collaborative applications empower you to better plan, coordinate and execute landside management processes, such as:

  • freight delivery and pick-up
  • cargo acceptance checks, on dangerous goods, pharma, damages, perishables, ...
  • real-time stakeholder communication (notifications regarding release notes, cargo status,...)
  • high value equipment pooling

Sharing and re-using data easily and securely with the airlines, freight forwarders, governmental institutions and the airport authorities you work with, allows you to turn your cargo handling processes into a smooth digital flow.

5-10% immediate efficiency increase

was reported by WFS using the Slot Booking app, with the possibility for further increase

The Slot Booking application provides us proactively with information about when which forwarder will pick-up and deliver shipments, so we can plan our resources accordingly and handle freight more efficiently. This generated an immediate efficiency increase of 5-10%, with a potential for further improvement.

Marc Claesen, Regional Vice President

Your key benefits

Smoothen peaks & idle times

With automatic matching of slot supply and demand and proactive data-sharing on pick-ups and deliveries you smoothen peaks and idle times and to plan staff and assets accordingly.

Handle more goods faster

Having the right equipment, information and staff ready empowers you to process more with the same amount of resources and gates and execute first time right.

Deliver stellar service

Eliminating waiting times, giving real-time visibility on the status of cargo and respecting cut-off times are only some of the benefits that allow you to deliver great customer service.

Reduce administration

With real-time data exchange you save hours on reporting and admin, eliminate the hassle and cost associated with it and handle customer queries faster with data that is readily available.

Recommended apps for you

Landside Management 

Slot Booking

Eliminate waiting time, smoothen peaks & idle times

Acceptance & Delivery

Keep info on booked slots at hand & register actions in real-time

Freight Management

Replace paper-based release notes by an efficient digital flow


Digitize your checklists, smoothen process execution

Vehicle Database

Streamline traffic, reduce congestion & increase security

Equipment Booking

Facilitate operational management of pooled equipment

Working paper-based, the process to log a case of non-acceptance would take on average 10 minutes. With Check-it this happens in real-time, which allows us to save on average 33 hours per month."

Lucas Deschouwer, Operations Support Manager
Swissport Cargo Services

How other Ground Handlers are benefiting from this

Hermes Logistics Technologies and Nallian collaborate to empower ground handlers with a data driven landside management suite

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Swissport delivers stellar service quality with digital checklists powered by Nallian's Check-it

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Swissport streamlines freight management operations with Nallian’s Slot Booking for Air Cargo integrated with a kiosk system for self-registration

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