Streamlining Cargo at Brussels Airport

A unified view of BRUcargo logistics

Streamlining Cargo at Brussels Airport

BRUcloud is Brussels Airport’s Cargo Cloud, powered by Nallian’s data sharing platform and open ecoystem of collaborative apps and supported by the BRUcargo community, Air Cargo Belgium.

BRUcloud optimizes landside management and regulatory processes, provides insights and enables end-to-end visibility for the different actors at the hub. The members of the Air Cargo Belgium community are working closely together to continuously improve and expand the ecosystem of apps to further enhance their cargo handling processes.

Discover all current and planned applications of BRUcloud.

The community platform has been developed with the support of the Flemish Government and VOKA.

It's essential that all parties involved in the project are willing to share data, to collaborate and to align their processes to achieve more unity, which is more efficient for everyone.
Steven Polmans, Director Cargo & Logistics, Brussels Airport Company

Slot Booking at Brussels Airport's cargo hub

BRUcloud - the principle

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