Continuous optimisation of transportation flows

Reducing congestion, transportation cost and CO2 emission

Optimizing pan-European logistics

CargoStream is an independent pan-European platform that creates scale among shippers to drive horizontal supply chain collaboration through bundling their transportation needs with other shippers. With CargoStream we support the vision of the EU Commission to drive more sustainability in transportation.

CargoStream is an interconnected, neutral and open platform on which shippers, intermodal terminals, rail & barge operators, logistic service providers, trustees and optimizers collaborate by synchronizing supply chain requirements with the right mix of transport modes. CargoStream combines the concepts of multidimensional collaboration and synchromodality.

The need for CargoStream

It is our common responsibility to drive the sustainability of our supply chains, while we also have to improve service, inventory and cost levels. On top, congestion and truck driver shortages are very important upcoming challenges that will impact the reliability of the transportation system.

Horizontal supply chain collaboration between all stakeholders provides an answer to the challenges above, as it enables either an optimization of road transportation through round trips and empty mile reduction or a modal shift, moving transportation from road to rail or inland waterways. Currently there is not enough scale however to industrialize horizontal supply chain collaboration. A challenge for which CargoStream provides the solution.

Business benefits

By joining the CargoStream platform, shippers can leverage the volumes on the network to improve their supply chain performance.  Recent research and proven results in the past 3 years has shown the following benefits:
  • Reduction of transportation costs with 10% to 15%
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions with 20% to 25%
  • Reliability improvement of more than 10%

Interested in joining CargoStream? The platform is open and neutral: all Shippers, Optimizers, LSP's and Terminals who live by the CargoStream values are welcome to join.

Please leave us your contact details at or drop us a line on We will contact you as soon as new slots become available.

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