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LGG Cargo Cloud

Driving rapid growth with efficient and transparent cargo logistics

Fastest growing cargo airport in 2018, with an annual volume of more than 700.000 ton, Liege Airport is also one of the largest cargo airports in Europe. To support this rapid growth and fulfil its ambition to be one of Europe’s leading airports, the airport is launched the LGG Cargo Cloud data sharing platform.

Nallian’s powerful data-sharing platform topped by a set of collaborative applications empowers LGG’s cargo stakeholders to operate in a more collaborative, integrated way. Single data-entry and secure data-exchange are key in this digitalization project that makes way with traditional, inefficient one-to-one communication and information siloes. A data lake empowers the airport to further maximize the value of this shared data, enabling in-depth analysis that helps them to better understand their cargo streams and make informed decisions.

Liege Airport-Cargo-Cloud-Nallian

Nallian’s unique approach of an open data sharing platform with collaborative applications allows us immediately reap the benefits with a first set of applications, with the flexibility to quickly scale and add more applications in the future.

Steven Verhasselt, VP Commercial 
Liege Airport

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