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OST Cargo Cloud

Not congestion, but visibility and efficiency as the main drivers for implementing OST Cargo Cloud

Ostend-Bruges International Airport (OST) is located in the Western part of Flanders, Belgium which is close to all major European industrial and consumer markets. The airport is easy accessible via the road- and rail network and seaports in the vicinity of the airport. The airport is known for its 24/7 fast and flexible cargo-services, does not apply slots and does not have capacity restrictions. The airport's cargo activities grew 150 % in the last two years. The airport keeps investing in the cargo activities and will build – via the Cargo Village project – 48.000 m2 of additional warehouse facilities.

Unlike many other airports, the Ostend-Bruges cargo hub is not facing the typical challenges related to congestion. They are investing in digitization to increase operational efficiency and visibility, improve customer service, and, at the same time, prepare for growth. The collaborative applications of Nallian's Cargo Cloud, such as Inspection Management, Truck Visit Management, Check-it, and Cargo Statistics) will enable them to streamline all actions related to truck visits, the inspection of perishable goods, and the execution of operational and compliance checks. At the same time, the airport will gain granular insights into its end-to-end cargo streams.

Nallian's Cargo Cloud is a robust platform that has proven its worth in many other cargo hubs. Its easy-to-implement, modular approach will allow us to quickly activate functionality and generate first benefits and easily expand in the future. This digital tool will enable Ostend-Bruges International Airport to strengthen its attractiveness and further increase the speed of cargo handling, which is already one of our main differentiating assets.

Eddy Dumas, CEO
Ostend-Bruges International Airport

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