GHI Conference


13 - 15 September 2021


We are excited to join the first get-together after such a long period of virtual meetings. Nallian's Chief Customer Officer Steven Polmans will be sharing his views on how air cargo can help drive growth in our industry in the cargo panel "Seizing the great air cargo".

We look forward to connect and explore how we can help you leverage your data in your cargo processes to drive business growth, whether you are

  • looking for new ways to streamline your pick up and delivery proces
  • wish to avoid congestion, eliminate waiting times or smoothen peaks and idle times
  • smoothen process execution of you acceptance, DGR, pahrma checks
  • share views on the impact and challenges related with the digital transformation  in our cargo industr

Let's meet and explore together how data sharing and digitization could unlock the hidden value of your cargo operations.  

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Enjoy the benefits of connected, collaborative work 

Discover Nallian's Truck Visit Solution and see how it helps you

  • Maximize existing capacity
  • Eliminate peaks, avoid idle times 
  • Better plan resources in view of actual activity 
  • Eliminate waiting times 
  • Avoid congestion
  • Have visibility on all visits

Discover Nallian's Check-it and see how it helps you

  • Eliminate paperwork, duplicate data entry & related costs
  • Avoid costly re-checks & blocked shipments with complete, correct info
  • Facilitate communication with standardized, real-time messaging
  • Enjoy real-time object status visibility
  • Speed up reporting & gain granular insights in performance
  • Invoice faster & in full based on correct information
  • Ensure compliance and deliver stellar customer service
  • Facilitate onboarding, speed up execution & reduce errors

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