The Connected Air Cargo Masterclass

30 - 31 January 2019

Air Cargo Academy, Brussels

Are you looking for new ways to generate business benefits for your airport? Are your considering digital transformation, but still in doubt on where to start or how to accelerate? Then we would be happy to welcome you at The Connected Air Cargo Masterclass! Join this unique event organised by and for senior airport executives, powered by TIACA and BRUcargo's Air Cargo Academy. 

Let’s meet!

Many airport executives are convinced digital transformation is the way forward 

  • to generate new opportunities beyond the constraints of physical airport infrastructure 
  • to build capabilities to attract more high-value commodities
  • to gain deep insights in what cargo is flowing through their airport so marketing money is better spent
  • to increase security
  • to reduce congestion at and around the airport

In the Connected Air Cargo Masterclass you will explore practical frameworks to tackle such digital transformation process with confidence, and learn from successful initiatives such as BRUcloud

The set-up

Powered by TIACA and BRUcargo's Air Cargo Academy, this unique masterclass will be uniting a select group of senior airport executives in Brussels, from Wednesday 30 to Thursday 31 January, with the possibility to dive even deeper into BRUcloud on Friday. Expect to join highly interactive sessions, by and with fellow visionary aviation professionals.

Topics on the agenda

From strategical to practical, the agenda will address how to maximise the value of air cargo in today's digital world. Key topics will include, amongst others: 

  • The relevance of air cargo for an airport and its region
  • The power of a dedicated air cargo strategy
  • Building a digital strategy based on collaborative work
  • How to build and grow a connected community
  • Using technology as an enabler for collaboration
  • Best practices from several international success stories, such as BRUcloud

All sessions will provide ample room for interaction to ensure practical take-aways for all delegates.

Limited seats available 

To ensure maximum interaction, seats are limited so don’t miss this opportunity and express your interest now.

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We are looking forward to seeing you in Brussels!

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