Data Sharing for Business Collaboration

Helping your community operate as one

It's about working together

Value chains are getting more and more fragmented, increasing the complexity of doing business. As your number of business partners increases, so does the difficulty of optimizing processes across companies. We believe that this is where the next level of performance improvement is to be found: no longer in your internal processes, but between companies, and even more within communities of collaborating companies.

That’s why we have built the world’s first open Data Sharing Platform for Business Collaboration: a cloud platform, combining robust B2B technology for exchanging data with social media-like techniques for easy community creation and management, and providing industry-strength control over who can use your data for what purpose.

Nallian helps you turn your community of collaborating partners into a single integrated network, by creating a single shared data view, achieving visibility across the whole chain and making synchronized inter-company processes and workflows a reality.

Create a single view

Bring together master and operational data to build a single, network-wide version of the truth for all partners to share and enrich.

Stay in control

Every data owner maintains granular control over who has access to which data -- down to the field-level.

Grow your community

Onboarding is as easy as LinkedIn, and Nallian's configurability ensures your community can keep growing and evolving.

A solid foundation

As a neutral partner, Nallian provides a solid platform and helps you build the high-performance community you need.

Sharing data is the foundation

Without sharing data, it is impossible to synchronize processes or to get better cross-network visibility. Effective collaboration requires every partner to contribute to a single, unified data view across a community.

To make that happen, community participants need

  • a safe and easy way to selectively publish and share data
  • maximise existing data communications, avoiding large IT investments
  • an agile and open platform to quickly add new data sources and new business partners. 

As a partner, you only have to be publish and share data once. The platform maintains a single and 'always on' representation of relevant information, available for all participants. You can also setup triggers to synchronize data or notify partners of changes.

Since your data is shared independently from any specific application, you can tap into an ecosystem of application providers who help to analyze, enrich or optimize the dataset.

The Nallian Difference

Unlike classic EDI, companies need to connect only once to a Nallian-based platform, reducing onboarding time from months to minutes.

Unlike messaging platforms, Nallian doesn't just transmit data, but also retains it, so it can be consumed by multiple parties.

Unlike special purpose cloud based applications, Nallian is application-independent: the same data can be leveraged by multiple applications which means no individual feeds need to be set up.

Unlike with classic BI solutions, business intelligence can be extracted from multi-enterprise operational real time data instead of having to go through an ETL & consolidate process for multiple companies on a regular basis.

Unlike deep integration tools, Nallian allows companies to be loosely coupled. It makes communities more agile and reduces stress on a partner's own information systems.

Stay in control

Trust is crucial to making or breaking a data sharing initiative. That's why Nallian considers each data provider the owner of their data: they decide who use which parts of their data for what purpose. 

Our rights engine gives you total control over which partners or community roles can see your data, down to the most granular level of an individual field. You can also define access depending on the individual business scenario that governs your interaction with these partners. Where needed, data can also be anonymized or aggregated. 

Grow your community

Building a community should be as easy as using LinkedIn. Nallian's community management tools make it simple to invite other new participants, breaking down entry barriers to collaborating with you.

Our B2B layer offers a rich set of connection options to connect to the platform, ranging from simple file uploads to bidirectional API-based integrations. Your business partners do not need a significant upfront IT investment to get started!

Since every partner requires only a single integration with the platform, a growing community no longer implies a proliferation of many-to-many integrations. Not only does that mean lower IT costs, but it also helps create an agile community, capable to adapt to a changing business environment.

High-performance Clusters

The objective is clear: allow communities where companies are highly dependent of each other to grow into high performance clusters. To improve the performance of each individual participant and increase attractiveness to new participants. As a result, the community keeps getting stronger and more efficient, and ready to take on future challenges and take advantage from new technologies.

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