How to survive in the network economy

Creating effective collaboration in business communities

Collaboration is the new normal

Most well-run companies have already optimized their operations by deploying a set of integrated business systems to provide operational intelligence to operate their business as effective as possible. As a result, further internal optimizations become increasingly hard to realize.

The next level of optimizations will come from synchronizing processes across company borders, from having visibility on the whole instead of being limited to one's own 'silo', and from being able to collectively operate as an efficient and agile network in an increasingly VUCA world. The trend that value networks are getting increasingly global and increasingly fragmented only reinforces this belief.

Nallian's Data Sharing Platform provides the optimal foundation to support effective network-based collaboration.

The future is characterized by VUCA: volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Therefore, ... we have to focus on building agility, acting fast, and nurturing creative thinking by stimulating our companies’ networks and adopting a culture of experimentation.
Peter Hinssen, 'The Network Always Wins'

Create network-wide visibility

Reach beyond your internal systems and achieve visibility across the entire network.

Synchronise processes

Align operations across company borders to reduce delays and cost.

Operate as one

Build an agile community that can survive rapid changes in a fast-paced world.

Network-wide visibility creates opportunities

It's impossible to make decisions based on data you don't have. That's why integrated players have invested heavily in pervasive IT solutions, covering their entire supply chain. When you're part of a large community of business partners, that's quite a bit harder to achieve. The benefits are clear though: if you were more aware of existing business opportunities and you had real-time insight into what is happening, you would be able to make smarter and better decisions, improving your business performance. 

Nallian's concept of data sharing in private clouds allows a greater visibility and reduced data latency due to real time transparency to all community participants. It helps to see opportunities you are unaware of today, and allows you to react faster to business events.

While the logistics infrastructure is getting more and more congested, there is still a lot of room for optimization. Load factors of 57% for road transport and 43% for air transport clearly indicate that better collaboration can lead to better performance: faster service, less congestion, better margins.

Save time and money

As information trickles down through your value chain, valuable time is lost due to the need to pass information about arriving shipments, unforeseen delays from one participant to another. At every information handover point, where valuable time gets lost due to imperfect coordination, sometimes even several days.

The resulting costs are enormous. Trucks are stuck at loading docks, waiting for cargo that won't arrive for another 5 hours. Goods have to be stored at intermediate points to buffer the unsynchronized segments of the value chain. And customers turn away, to work with leaner logistics service providers. 

Once you have a unified data view, all value chain participants can take advantage from the increased forward visibility to dispatch trucks at the right time, minimize storage and offer customers higher supply chain velocity. 

A typical air cargo value chain consists of anywhere between 10 and 15 partners. As a result, a fully integrated player or community can deliver a package to the other end of the world in just 2 days, while a chain of autonomous but interdependent players requires 7 days. As a customer's expectations of speed of service increases, this puts competitive pressure on logistics partners.

Are you ready for the future? It's here today!

Competition has never been fiercer. New business models emerge, where companies like Uber and AirBnB own hardly any part of the infrastructure, but rely on strong collaboration to create and deliver their services. Today's competitors are tomorrow's partners in responding to new economic or regulatory challenges, and these changing roles need to be reflected in the way you collaborate. If your IT systems are delaying how you deal with these disruptive events, you are likely to miss out on opportunities.

Nallian's cloud-based platform allows you to collaborate in a loosely coupled way, where the focus is not on integrating IT solutions, but on streamlining processes by sharing data quickly and safely, and achieve network-wide process coordination and synchronization.

BRUcargo turned itself into an agile player. Discover how Nallian helped make that possible in this video.
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