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Celebi uses Check-it for ULD build up

Çelebi Cargo GmbH increases flight safety using Nallian's Check-it application

Brussels, 14th September 2022 - Cargo Handling Agent Çelebi Cargo GmbH has selected Check-it, one of Nallian's software applications, to improve the digitalization path in his subsidiary in Frankfurt. The cargo handler is using Check-it as a digital and smart ULD airworthy check for final fit-to-fly checks but also for the acceptance of BUPs to further increase our all-number-one priority: flight safety. After the successful trial at the beginning of the year, Çelebi Cargo GmbH is scanning and checking already 100% of the ULDs from a major airline customer using the application. Either at the acceptance stage (BUP) or own build ULDs before they get handed over for ramp transport. The solution will be used in the Frankfurt station first.

Christopher Licht, CEO Çelebi Frankfurt, comments: "Safety is and will be always the highest priority for Çelebi. Therefore, we started this initiative to create a 100% safe, transparent, and digital solution, which is communicating in real time, internally and externally. Combining the operational know-how from our staff with the technical know-how from Nallian was the right decision to enable this game-changing digital airworthy check."

How it works
Check-it consists of a mobile and web app. With the mobile app, operators on the shop floor capture all information (including pictures) on their handheld devices. The information is immediately available in the web platform, and notifications and reports are automatically created and sent to customers and internal staff. This eliminates back and forth calling or mailing, as all stakeholders have real-time status visibility. Data can be easily exported.

Ivo Fremau, Sales Manager at Nallian, adds: "Check-it digitalizes any question-based check or task, such as operational and compliance checklists for dangerous goods, pharmaceuticals, damages, ... It is a highly flexible solution that allows users to easily set up exactly the checklists they need for their operations. We're proud to add Çelebi to our network of ground handling agents, freight forwarders, and self-handling airlines using Check-it to increase transparency, quality, and efficiency of their inspection process."


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OST Cargo Cloud_Nallian and Ostend-Bruges_contract sign

Ostend-Bruges International Airport futureproofs cargo operations with Nallian-powered Cargo Cloud

Brussels, 4 May 2022 –  Driven by a strong ambition to deliver stellar service and prepare for growth, Ostend-Bruges International Airport is equipping its cargo hub with a Nallian-powered Cargo Cloud. The OST Cargo Cloud will enable a coordinated, digitalized approach to processes such as freight pick up and drop off and the inspection of perishable goods. At the same time, it will provide the airport operator with actionable insights into its end-to-end cargo streams. The digital approach will empower the individual stakeholders to increase quality, visibility, and efficiency in their operations while increasing the attractiveness of the hub with reliable, transparent processes.

Not congestion, but visibility and efficiency as the main drivers

Unlike many other airports, the Ostend-Bruges cargo hub is not facing the typical challenges related to congestion. They are investing in digitization to increase operational efficiency and visibility, improve customer service, and, at the same time, prepare for growth. The collaborative applications of Nallian's Cargo Cloud, such as Inspection Management, Truck Visit Management, Check-it, and Cargo Statistics) will enable them to streamline all actions related to truck visits, the inspection of perishable goods, and the execution of operational and compliance checks. At the same time, the airport will gain granular insights into its end-to-end cargo streams.

contract sign Nallian OST small

Eric Dumas, CEO Ostend-Bruges International Airport (left) and Jean Verheyen, CEO Nallian (right)

Eric Dumas, CEO at Ostend-Bruges Airport, comments: We have an ambitious cargo community that strives to deliver first-in-class service. Nallian's Cargo Cloud is a robust platform that has proven its worth in many other cargo hubs. Its easy-to-implement, modular approach will allow us to quickly activate functionality and generate first benefits and easily expand in the future. This digital tool will enable Ostend-Bruges International Airport to strengthen its attractiveness and further increase the speed of cargo handling, which is already one of its main differentiating assets. It completes the ambitious development project "Ostend Cargo Village", of which the first building phase is already under construction.

Jean Verheyen, CEO at Nallian: "It is a misconception that solutions like Truck Visit Management, one of the collaborative applications on our Cargo Cloud, only generate value for big hubs facing congestion issues. The pandemic has illustrated the importance of air cargo and the need for efficient, transparent processes. Digitialization is the way to achieve this. It has proven to generate significant benefits for big and small cargo hubs, and we are very proud to support Ostend Airport on its digitization journey.



The key to success

Jean Verheyen, CEO Nallian, adds: "Making a Cargo Cloud a success requires the airport or stakeholders association to play an active role in the initiative, amongst others, to unite and guide the different stakeholders. A modular approach that allows activating functionality and onboarding organizations step by step and integrates with existing back-end systems further facilitates adoption. Compared to a major system overhaul, such a modular approach lowers the barrier to step in, facilitates implementation, and allows booking first success fast. It also enables easy scaling in the future as the digital maturity in the community grows.


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Digitalizing DFW's airport community - interview with the cargo team on benefits achieved and future plans

From L to R: Bill Nesbitt (DFW), Karen Herberger (DFW), Sara Van Gelder (Nallian) & Kristine Couck (Nallian)

Nallian recently visited Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), Texas, U.S., to meet with the airport’s cargo community members in person after having successfully launched the DFW Cargo Cloud during the pandemic. Nallian’s Cargo Community Solution Manager, Sara Van Gelder (SVG), along with DFW Airport’s Karen Herberger (KH), Senior Strategic Projects and Business Development Manager, and Bill Nesbitt (BN), Senior Manager Cargo Business Development, shared more about the project with CargoForwarder Global.

CFG: Is this the first Cargo Cloud for Nallian in the US?

SVG: DFW Airport was the first airport in the U.S. to start using a Cargo Cloud. As such, the DFW cargo stakeholders were Nallian’s first customers in North America. In the meantime, we are also working with other companies in the U.S., such as ground handler Menzies at Los Angeles Airport (LAX), who is using our Truck Visit Management solution to coordinate the freight pick up and drop offs at its premises. Today, Nallian has a true global footprint, also working with airports and air cargo stakeholders in Europe and Asia.

CF: Why did DFW turn to Nallian?

KH: DFW Airport was looking for a solution to reduce congestion at our cargo areas in 2019. The Airport issued an RFP and, through that process, Nallian was selected based on the robustness of its solution, the flexible architecture, and its successful track record with other major European cargo hub airports. 

CFG: What does the Cargo Cloud do? What are the positive effects re sustainability, efficiency, complexity reduction?

SVG: The objective of the DFW Cargo Cloud is to enable seamless transactions between stakeholders across the supply chain, including freight forwarders, shippers, ground handling agents, 3PLs, airlines, Customs and Border Protection, and trucking companies. The first collaborative product that was activated on the Cargo Cloud was Slot Management (as a first bundle of functionality of the Truck Visit Management Solution). It enables the ground handlers to make capacity available for slot reservation, which freight forwarders and trucking companies book accordingly. This helps the ground handlers to maximize dock door capacity, flatten peaks, and plan staff according to actual activity, while trucking companies and freight forwarders eliminate wait times and the associated overtime for their drivers. Shorter wait times for truckers also reduces roadway congestion and harmful emissions, and hence support the airport’s sustainability efforts.

BN: At scale, we think it’s going to really speed up the flow of cargo across the airport, as well as have environmental and asset utilization benefits. We have four of our five ground handlers on board, with multiple doors available at each location, and plan to add one additional ground handler in the next few months. In the past, wait times in certain cases were as long as three hours. With the use of the slot booking app, we have seen trucks handled in as quickly as 30 minutes. The DFW metroplex is one of the fastest growing regions in the U.S. and we believe that the DFW Cargo Cloud is critical to managing the expected growth.

“In the past, wait times in certain cases were as long as three hours. With the use of the slot booking app,
we have seen trucks handled in as quickly as 30 minutes. ” 

Bill Nesbitt -  Senior Manager Cargo Business Development


CFG: How long did it take to set up? Who is involved?

KH: We are taking a phased rollout approach which we expect to continue for the next few years. DFW Airport is one of only a few major airports in the US with a dedicated cargo team. The DFW Cargo Team along with Nallian have onboarded four Ground Handlers representing 12 airlines, 12 forwarding companies, and seven trucking companies. These seven trucking companies provide pick-up and delivery services for 80% of our forwarding community.

CFG: What were the challenges of setting it up remotely?

SVG: Nallian is used to working remotely with its customers. Our set-up and training methodology is designed to facilitate remote work. Also, our solutions have been designed together with cargo stakeholders, so they are adapted to real-life cargo processes, and easy to configure and use, which limits the need for training and support. Having the opportunity to visit DFW’s premises last month, walk through their operations, and interact face-to-face with members of the cargo community, was highly valuable in advancing our initiative to increase engagement across the eco-system. Collectively, we discussed and reconfirmed our commitment to grow the Cargo Cloud’s usage and add more functionality. Our team now has an even closer connection with DFW’s airport community, and a better understanding of their operational challenges. We also had the opportunity to showcase some of our new functionalities and demonstrate how they align with the customer’s needs.

DFW TruckVisitManagement 1 crop

Using Slot Management helps the ground handlers to maximize dock door capacity, flatten peaks, and plan staff according to actual activity, while trucking companies and freight forwarders eliminate wait times and the associated overtime for their drivers.


CFG: How long has it now been running? And any BDPs or new discoveries for Nallian, too, in this project?

SVG: The DFW Cargo Cloud has been live for two full years. The program was paused for six months due to COVID and re-launched as COVID-driven changes to operations became more stable. Through collaboration with the DFW Cargo user community, small tweaks were made to adapt the application for greater alignment to the U.S. market. This included a functionality to manage the connections between trucking and forwarding companies.

CFG: What did the DFW meetings yield re next steps in digitalization?

BN: It was a very fruitful week at DFW, during which we discussed among the cargo team and with current and future users how to effectively ramp up usage of the existing solution. Another key topic of discussion centered on which of Nallian’s functional modules would be activated next on the platform to bring more added value to its users. Together, we’ve defined a nice roadmap to expand the DFW Cargo Cloud and to further drive the digitalization of DFW’s cargo processes.

SVG: As always when implementing a Cargo Cloud, we’re adopting a step-by-step approach as we believe that is the only way to achieve sustainable adoption and growth of the Cargo Cloud. Together with the community, we’ve looked at which business cases would generate the most value for them, and hence which functionality will be activated next.

CFG: What is next for Nallian in 2022?

SVG: After opening our office in Singapore to enlarge our footprint in Asia, we are now looking to open up an office in the U.S. This way, we can be close to our local customers and further develop and sustain our presence in America. It’s part of the expansion of our team, which is growing rapidly. Anyone interested in reinforcing the team, in the US or elsewhere, is always more than welcome to contact us. We’re having conversations with various airport authorities and individual cargo actors who show an interest in our collaborative products, so 2022 is looking promising.

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Brussels Airport's cargo association rewarded for Digital Green Lane initiative powered by Nallian

Air Cargo Belgium receives Air Cargo News Digital Innovation Award for Digital Green Lane initiative

16 September 2021 - We love it when our customers do great! Air Cargo Belgium, Brussels Airport’s cargo community association, has taken home the Digital Innovation award at the 2021 Air Cargo News Conference. They were awarded for the Digital Green Lane initiative, which ensures a 100% digitalized pick up and drop off process at Brussels Airport’s cargo zone. 

A uniform, 100% digitalized pick up & drop off process

The Digital Green Lane is a uniform, standardized pick-up & delivery process between freight forwarders and ground handling agents. This means that all freight is being picked up or dropped off against a registered time slot, freight information is shared digitally throughout the process and all actions during the pick-up and drop off process are registered by the driver on a mobile device. This is enabled by a suite of landside management apps in BRUcloud, BRUcargo’s Cargo Cloud powered by Nallian. Ground Handling Agents and Freight Forwarders representing 75% of the freight volumes at Brussels Airport have already committed to guaranteeing a 100% digitalized process via the Digital Green.

“We can put our staff to better use as we know in advance who is coming when and can plan accordingly. Having better insights in our activity also learns us when to open up more gates.”

Johan Rosiers – Business Unit Manager - dnata


Benefits for all stakeholder

This integrated, digital approach generates important benefits for all stakeholders, such as:

  • eliminating truck waiting times
  • smoothening peaks
  • optimization of GHA resource planning (staff, gates) passed on accurate pro-active and historic insights
  • accurate planning of truckers based on reliable execution time
  • elimination of paperwork and associated administration

“We have a better overview of when to pick up or drop off cargo.” 
Yves Verheyden -  Branch Manager - BDP International


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Nallian's Inspection Management streamlines import inspection process at Brussels Airport’s cargo hub

Brussels Airport’s cargo community is the first to turn the traditionally paper-based and fragmented import process of perishable goods into a smooth digital flow using Nallian’s Inspection Management app. It empowers Freight Forwarders and the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain to better coordinate, execute and have visibility on all inspection-related actions and digitally share the related documents and certificates. This shortens turnaround time and provides transparency for all stakeholders. An important feature for Brussels Airport's cargo hub is the automated integration of shipment data and statuses with Traces NT, the European Commission’s multilingual online platform for sanitary and phytosanitary certification. 

From fragmented process to integrated flow

Time is of the essence when it comes to maintaining appeal, maximizing shelf life and reducing waste of perishables. Yet more often than not the import inspection process is a time-consuming, fragmented operation that is characterized by back and forth emails and phone calls, unnecessary movements of inspectors and runners, lots of paperwork and a lack of transparency. At Brussels Airport, the Perishable Management app has turned this process into an integrated, uniform process: 

  • The Freight Forwarder provides all details about the goods to be inspected, including relevant documents and certificates, and informs when shipments are ready for inspection.
  • The Federal Agency for the Safety (FASFC) of the Food Chain assigns shipments to their inspectors and verifies all documentation is ok
  • On the mobile app, FASFC inspectors can check the shipments that are assigned to them and register all info (including pictures) digitally during Check on Location
  • All information is stored centrally and accessible in real-time to all parties involved.

screenshots Nallian Perishable Management App

Easy planning, execution and follow-up on inspections

Pro-active declaration of shipments facilitates planning of inspections and pro-active (digital) availability of certificates and documents accelerates documentary inspection for the FASFC. Visibility on the exact timing of inspections facilitates the coordination of follow-up actions (e.g. pick-ups) for the freight forwarder, while having real-time visibility on the status of the inspected shipments and documents allow him to take corrective measures faster and ensure clear communication with customers. The digitally available data allows all to avoid unnecessary physical movements, reduce paperwork and enable faster invoicing

Brussels Airport: "This ensures that both the forwarder and the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain can monitor the status of the inspection and control of the shipments in real time, which results in less administration and an even more efficient process. In the future, the usage will be extended to veterinary and other inspections."


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Nallian's Truck Visit Management solution integrates with Champ's CargoSpot Handling to offer an integrated approach to landside freight pick up and delivery.

Nallian's Truck Visit Management solution is offered in an integrated way with Champ's Cargospot Handling, a sophisticated and comprehensive cargo operations and terminal management system that’s simple and efficient for ground handlers and terminal operators to use. 

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Hermes Logistics Technologies and Nallian collaborate to empower ground handlers with a data driven landside management suite

Hermes’ Landside Management Solution, powered by Nallian, offers a digital approach to freight management that drives operational efficiencies, enables better planning, and facilitates coordination with freight forwarders and trucking companies

Cargo Management Systems (CMS) provider Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) has teamed up with data sharing and connected cargo community specialist Nallian to empower Ground Handling Agents (GHA)s with an end-to-end solution to digitalise and streamline their landside management processes.

Nallian’s landside management applications will complement Hermes New Generation (NG) Ecosystem solutions, offering GHAs a paperless approach that provides end-to-end visibility and control across their supply chain.

“We are empowering the ground handler by joining our ecosystems together to give them better control and increased efficiency through better customer experience and superior functionality,” said Yuval Baruch, Chief Executive Officer, HLT.

“Nallian’s complementary offering leant itself to a partnership with Hermes and our collaboration will ensure a best-in-breed process with the technology to work for our customers.”

HLT customers will benefit from additional services including:

  • A Slot Booking App, which connects handlers, freight forwarders, and trucking companies to coordinate pick-ups and drop-offs, eliminating waiting times and flattening peaks and idle times.
  • A mobile Acceptance and Delivery App, which gives truck drivers easy access to the booked slots assigned to them, enabling the real-time registration of all actions during the pick-up or drop-off process.

HLT has a range of NG Apps as part of the Hermes NG Ecosystem including, NG Business Intelligence, and Datalakes, and NG Track&Trace, designed to maximise a GHA’s profit by giving access to data and supply chain visibility.

The NG Ecosystem product range enables GHAs to provide superior service through data sharing and tools to manage exception handling.

Nallian offers a suite of collaborative applications on top of its Open Data Sharing Platform that empowers both cargo communities and individual cargo actors, such as GHAs, to easily connect and share relevant data with their stakeholders, achieving unparalleled levels of efficiency and visibility in cross-company processes.

“Our collaboration will help ground handlers to enjoy the benefits of digitisation in their extended processes, enabling them to do more with the same infrastructure,” said Jean Verheyen, Chief Executive Officer, Nallian.

“Our apps have been built with and for air cargo stakeholders and this collaboration perfectly fits Nallian’s open approach, which aims at giving as many cargo actors as possible access to best-in-class solutions and the benefits of digitisation.”

With data sharing being a key element to the collaboration, HLT has been working on projects to use its Datalake infrastructure that captures and stores Hermes NG Business Intelligence events, including developing predictive business analytics with artificial intelligence algorithms.


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Nallian Singapore office

Cargo mastermind Steven Polmans joins data sharing specialist Nallian

Brussels, 18 January 2021 – Steven Polmans, former Director Cargo & Logistics at Brussels Airport and current TIACA Chairman, is joining data sharing and connected cargo community specialist Nallian. As Chief Customer Officer, Polmans will be responsible for accelerating the expansion of Nallian’s global network of cargo communities that operate the Nallian Cargo Cloud. With his cargo expertise and impressive track record in digital cargo transformation and building cargo communities, Polmans perfectly fits Nallian’s global ambition and mission ‘to make the world operate as one’.

Steven Polmans has more than 20 years of expertise in the cargo sector and was the mastermind behind various game changing projects in the sector. As the founding father of BRUcloud, Brussels Airport’s Cargo Cloud, he was the first in the industry to get the different stakeholders at a cargo hub to work in a connected and integrated way by sharing data in their cross-company processes. A model that since then has been adopted by numerous other airports and took away several industry awards. Polmans was also the founder of Air Cargo Belgium, the (again award-winning) industry association that groups all stakeholders at Brussels Airport and fuels the continuous expansion of BRUcloud.

Steven Polmans, Chief Customer Officer at Nallian, comments: “When I decided to leave Brussels Airport, it has always been my intention to stay in the sector and build further on what I have created together with my cargo colleagues and peers. Air cargo is more than a job for me, it’s a passion and it was very important for me to find a place where I can share, cultivate and act upon this passion. I feel Nallian is the best place for me to do so. We share the ambition to drive efficiency and transparency in the air cargo industry by making cargo communities operate in a connected, collaborative way. It is what initially brought us together on the BRUcloud project, and what we have been developing at Brussels Airport over the past years. I now look forward to assist other cargo actors - airports, ground handlers, freight  forwarders, trucking companies, shippers, … -  - with their digital cargo transformation and their journey to connected, collaborative work.”

Jean Verheyen, CEO of Nallian, adds: “Following the signing of several new contracts in 2020 (such as, among others, with lux-Airport and Dallas Fort Worth) and the recent opening of our office in Singapore, having Steven on board is yet again another important step for Nallian. We have worked closely together in the past and are fully aligned on our vision for the cargo industry. Steven brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team, which together with his drive and collaborative mindset will help us accelerate and support more airports better on their journey to connected, collaborative work. We are very excited to shape the future of air cargo together.”

Alex Driesen, Co-Entrepreneur, who is moving on from Nallian, states: “Getting Steven on board is a major leap for Nallian. In my career, I have not often met people with the same combination of vision, energy and empathy. I look very much forward to seeing Steven write the next chapter of Nallian’s journey to make the world operate as one.”

Steven Polmans and Jean Verheyen are available for interviews. Contact Joke Aerts (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +32 473 55 80 60) to schedule an appointment. 



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Nallian Singapore office

Data sharing specialist Nallian opens office in Singapore to support growth in Asia

Brussels, 17 December 2020 – To support its local clients and be closer to the high-growth APAC region, data sharing specialist Nallian has opened up a new office in Singapore. Geert Van Brempt has been appointed Managing Director Asia Pacific.

2020 has been an important year for Nallian: the company expanded its worldwide network of airport cargo communities using their Cargo Cloud with airports in Europe, the US (read more about their recently announced collaboration with Dallas Fort Worth Airport here) and Asia. To support its local clients and drive growth in the APAC region, the Belgian company has recently opened an office in Singapore. Geert Van Brempt, a seasoned manager with over 20 years of experience working in the region, has been appointed Managing Director Asia Pacific.

Geert Van Brempt

Geert Van Brempt has been appointed Managing Director Asia Pacific.

Jean Verheyen, CEO of Nallian, comments: “We are very excited about this next step. The fast-growing Asia Pacific air cargo market is presenting a wealth of opportunities for Nallian. This new office will help us to accelerate our coverage of the region, and work even more closely with our local clients.



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DFW Airport Invests in Cargo Technology powered by Nallian

Cargo supply chain information electronically shareable between stakeholders 

Brussels, 2 December 2020 – DFW Airport is using Nallian’s cloud based data sharing platform for cargo customers, allowing seamless transactions across the supply chain.  Over time, this will include freight forwarders, shippers, ground handling agents, 3PLs, airlines, Customs and Border Protection, and trucking companies – empowering them to coordinate their cross-company processes.

 “DFW Airport continues to focus and invest in our cargo business.  This new platform makes processing cargo through DFW more efficient by providing accurate and timely information to our cargo community,” said John Ackerman, Executive Vice President of global strategy and development at DFW Airport. “We are excited to work with Nallian and our international airport partners to offer this digital platform to our cargo and logistics customers.”

Jean Verheyen, CEO at Nallian, added, “We are honored to work with DFW Airport who is committed to raising the bar for innovation and excellence in air cargo. With Nallian’s mission in mind - ‘to make the world operate as one’ - we are thrilled to see how our infrastructure also empowers forward-thinking airports such as DFW and their partners to leverage the power of digitization on a global level.” 

This new application-based technology will reduce the amount of time and paperwork required for cargo shipments coming through the Airport and is part of the Airport’s digital transformation strategy. A dedicated Slot Booking application allows truckers and freight forwarders to request and reserve dock door slot times, eliminating wait times while reducing roadway congestion and harmful emissions. Future enhancements will include real time pharmaceutical tracking and monitoring capabilities, ensuring higher levels of safety and product integrity. This allows multinational collaboration among global cargo hubs. 

DFW is focused on air cargo, an essential industry to North Texas. The Airport handled 971,000 tons of cargo in FY19 and has steadily risen to become one of the top international cargo hubs.   DFW’s central US location is the nexus of Latin America-Asia transit freight, and an ideal hub for e-commerce. Strong Asian freighter service and the ongoing growth of its Latin America network add to DFW’s geographic advantage.


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Swissport eliminates superpeaks with Nallian’s Slot Booking app integrated with kiosk system for self-registration

Brussels - October 15, 2020 – Swissport Cargo Services is the first ground handler at Brussels Airport’s cargo hub to use the Slot Booking app together with a kiosk system for self-registration. The introduction of Slot Booking empowered the ground handler to smoothen peaks, reduce stress for operational staff, provide better service and plan staff in view of actual demand.

Eliminating ‘superpeaks’

Prior to using Slot Booking, peak times at Swissport’s premises would equal long waiting times, heavy discussions on whom should be served first and a lot of stress for acceptance staff. Today, the app is channeling activity as it enables trucking companies and freight forwarders to reserve time slots for their pick ups or deliveries, with slots made available by the handler according to his availability. Says Tom Lepage, Quality Manager at Swissport Cargo Services: “One of the major benefits is that we now have visibility on who is coming when. We still face peak times, but we have eliminated the so-called ‘superpeaks’. For example, we’ll still see a lot of activity between 7 and 10.30 a.m., but trucks will no longer all show up at 7 a.m. sharp."

A smooth, digital acceptance process

The acceptance zone has been closed off, with a priority lane for drivers who arrive with a booked slot. “Drivers very quickly adopted the system and no longer question the order in which they are being served. This has dramatically reduced stress for our acceptance staff,” adds Lepage.

The digital flow of the Slot Booking app and kiosk registration system has also accelerated the acceptance process. Drivers first register at the kiosk, which is fully integrated with BRUcloud and the Slot Booking app. They are automatically shown their booked slot(s), which significantly reduces admin and paperwork.


Drivers first register at the kiosk, which is fully integrated with BRUcloud and the Slot Booking app.

Better planning of manpower

Having visibility on planned pick ups and deliveries makes it also easier to organize manpower in line with actual demand. Tom Lepage: “In particular off peak and during night shifts this allows us to better plan our resources, so we always have the right amount of staff available to ensure our customers quality service.”

Fast adoption

According to Lucas Deschouwer, Operations Support Manager, “the Slot Booking app is a very intuitive, easy-to-use system. In just a couple of weeks we had all users up and running. We are very much looking forward to integrate the Slot Booking app with the Freight Management app, one of the other landside management apps on the BRUcloud platform. This will give us even more granular visibility on what freight will be picked up and delivered when and by whom and enable us to work in a fully pro-active mode. Also, in 2021 we will start operating from our new warehouse facilities, which will increase our overall capacity and means we’ll be able to make more Slot Booking gates available."


Want to learn more?

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Data sharing platform Nallian acquires specialist consultancy 4ADVICE and strengthens its offering in the field of temperature sensitive pharma logistics

Brussels – June 02, 2020 – Nallian, the cloud-based data sharing platform with focus on air cargo today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire 4Advice, one of the leading consultants in the field of temperature sensitive pharma logistics.

Belgium-based 4Advice operates worldwide and helps global pharma shippers, transportation companies and logistic hubs such as around cargo airports to become compliant with the needs of time and temperature sensitive logistics. 4Advice’s ultimate purpose is to deliver peace of mind to the pharma shipper. Today, 4Advice achieves this by improving, validating and/or certifying the processes along the chain. By getting into a strategic partnership with Nallian, 4Advice will also be able to provide its clients the tools to continuously monitor the chain once process improvements have been put in place, and to execute those processes efficiently.

With its data sharing platform and collaborative applications, Nallian helps logistic communities such as around cargo airports to operate as one instead of as dozens of isolated silos. Operating as one gains efficiency for the logistic actors, service levels for the shippers, and attractiveness for the logistic hub. With the acquisition of 4Advice, Nallian reinforces its offering in the field of temperature sensitive pharma logistics, one of the most demanding fields in logistics with the highest need for state-of-the-art solutions.

“We’re thrilled to join the Nallian family”, says Bert Elsen, managing partner of 4Advice. “Our teams were working already on very similar clients, and we always felt that we could do more for our clients if we worked closely together. With this acquisition, we can finally make this a reality.”

Says Jean Verheyen, CEO at Nallian: “4Advice’s team is renowned worldwide for their expertise in improving temperature sensitive pharma logistics. We look very much forward to complementing 4Advice’s consultancy with the digital tools to sustain these improvements, and to leveraging 4Advice’s deep domain know-how in order to sharpen Nallian’s product portfolio for pharma cargo. In the end, we want to bring the best possible independent platform to the market, as seen from the perspective of pharma shippers.”

4Advice will continue to operate under its own brand.


Making the world operate as one, one community at a time
Nallian is the world’s first provider of a next-generation collaborative data sharing platform for logistics hubs. 

Nallian helps business partners in fragmented networks to become high performing clusters that operate as one. Maximizing the value of their data, Nallian enables them to grow beyond the limits of their physical infrastructure and generate business benefits for all actors in the network. Nallian has been successfully empowering supply chain communities in several industries, such as air cargo, maritime, and the chemicals industry, generating efficiency, transparency and visibility by unlocking the power of the connected network. 

In air cargo, clients include airports in Europe, the Americas and Asia such as Brussels Airport, Liege Airport, Luxembourg Airport, Vienna Airport, London Heathrow and Dallas Fort-Worth, as well as the logistic actors active in those airports.

About 4Advice 

4Advice is a Belgian consulting firm with over 20 years of experience in logistics and supply-chain for time- and temperature-sensitive products.  4Advice offers pharmaceutical companies and their suppliers across the globe audits, consultancy, in-house-support, project management, training, and related services. 4Advice and its team are iso9001, CEIV and GDP certified.

In air cargo, the team has worked for logistic communities in airports such as Brussels, Edmonton, Dallas Fort-Worth and Miami, airlines such as Amerijet, Brussels Airlines, Delta Cargo, and handlers such as WFS, Swissport and Menzies. Outside of air cargo, clients include the Port of Antwerp, and medtech shippers such as Terumo.



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Brussels Airport streamlines airport-to-airport pick-ups & deliveries with Nallian’s new Road Feeder Management app

Brussels, June 16, 2020 – Data sharing specialist Nallian has extended its Landside Management Suite with the Road Feeder Management app, empowering trucking companies and ground handlers to coordinate airport-to-airport pick ups and deliveries. The application is an extension to Nallian’s proven Slot Booking app and is integrated with Be-Mobile’s mobile app for truck drivers, “Truckmeister”. The Road Feeder Management app enables trucking companies providing Road Feeder Services and their associated ground handlers to also enjoy the benefits of Slot Booking, such as zero waiting time and accurate planning of resources; it also facilitates coordination through real-time updates of the estimated arrival times and communication with drivers on the road. Following recent successful testing, in a first phase the app will be used by handlers WFS and Aviapartner and by trucking companies H. Essers, Ninatrans and Jan De Rijk Logistics, starting July.   

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A dynamic approach to Slot Booking
Traditional Slot Booking empowers trucking companies and freight forwarders to book time slots for pick-ups and/or deliveries at a ground handler’s premises according to his capacity. This is a challenge for trucking companies who are operating Road Feeder Services and operating off premises, as ETAs are prone to shift due to longer travel distances. Also, the data and communication flows for airport-to-airport deliveries are different, with specific requirements and expectations. The Road Feeder Management app is designed to answer these specific needs: with the app slots are booked dynamically, meaning they are adjusted automatically in view of the actual ETA. For this, the application integrates with Be-Mobile’s Truckmeister app, which is used by drivers for a.o. navigation using traffic guidance and updating the ETA during the drive. It also enables communication between handlers and drivers, with push notifications available in 9 languages.

Increasing efficiency at Brussels Airport
One of the reasons for missed slots and inefficient transport planning is the increasing volume of traffic on our European roads. With accurate ETA calculation and Nallian’s dynamic slot booking platform the waiting time, and therefore also the financial loss for transport is reduced to the minimum. In addition, ground handlers can better manage their activities knowing when to prepare for an arriving truck. Truckmeister allows for a smoother move of cargo from anywhere in Europe, towards, at and from Brussels Airport. As Truckmeister supports 9 languages, foreign truck drivers are guided to their destination in their native language.

An automated, digital approach

Using the Road Feeder Management app, the entire Slot Booking process is streamlined thanks to an automated, digital flow:

  • As soon as an order is created in the TMS of the trucking company, the ground handler receives a pre-announcement of the pick-up or delivery, allowing him to plan and inform staff ahead.
  • Once this order is planned in the TMS, a slot is booked automatically based on the specifics of the order, such as ETA, import/export, load meters, etc. Similar orders are grouped into one slot to maximize efficiency at the zone.
  • During the drive, the actual ETA is updated via the Truckmeister app and time slots are adjusted accordingly; if an adjacent slot is unavailable the ground handler is invited to manually propose a new time.
  • The ground handler can manage all reserved slots (Road Feeder slots and the “traditional” slots used by the on-premises community) from the same integrated User Interface.
  • At all times, the handler can communicate with the driver through the Truckmeister app, with messages available in 9 different languages to accommodate the international background of drivers.
  • In the future, the digitization of the process will be further expanded with capabilities such as the uploading of documents, for example e-CRM.

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Brussels Airport’s cargo community first to enjoy the benefits

The Road Feeder Management app will initially be used at Brussels Airport’s cargo community by H. Essers, Jan De Rijk Logistics, Ninatrans, Aviapartner and WFS, starting July. Steven Polmans, Director Cargo & Logistics at Brussels Airport, comments: “Since 2018 we have been successfully using Nallian’s Slot Booking app and we have seen the huge benefits it is bringing the community, especially the forwarders and handlers operating at our cargo zone, such as the elimination of 90% of waiting time. We are delighted we can now also extend those benefits to our partners who are running Road Feeder Services and operate off-premises. The Road Feeder Management app is yet another reinforcement of BRUcloud, our community’s Cargo Cloud and yet another step towards more integrated, collaborative work.

Says Jean Verheyen, CEO of Nallian: “With our suite of Landside Management apps we strive to empower cargo communities to digitize and hence streamline their A to Z freight management process. We are excited to extend its benefits to more actors in the network and to empower Brussels Airport’s cargo community to once again lift the bar for collaborative cargo operations.”

Gerd Nees, Business Unit Manager for Tolling and Logistics at Be-Mobile, adds: “The success of operating a slot booking platform depends highly on getting an accurate ETA from trucks driving towards Brussels Airport. Having the most up-to-date traffic information allows us to notify Brussels Airport of early and late arrivals so they can communicate and take appropriate actions accordingly.”


Luxembourg Airport takes visibility and efficiency to the next level with Nallian for Air Cargo

Brussels, 5 March 2020 - With 893.090 tons of Cargo in 2019, Luxembourg Airport is one of the most important cargo airports in Europe. In order to respond to business needs and to meet customer expectations, lux-Airport has engaged Nallian, a specialist of collaborative solutions in logistics and air cargo based in Belgium, to implement a cargo community system (CCS) at Luxembourg Airport.

  • Nallian and lux-Airport implement new Cargo Community System (CSS) at Luxembourg Airport
  • Improved processes, predictability and transparence

The CCS represents an important component of the Luxembourg Single Window for Logistics program and will be set up as a neutral IT platform, open to all actors involved in international trade. Enabling real-time capturing and sharing of granular information regarding shipment processing, far beyond the traditional cargo data, it will empower all stakeholders involved to better plan and execute their processes and will drive efficiency and visibility with in-depth insights in performance.

In a first implementation phase in 2020, the application shall prove its operability and added value for the cargo community. Upon the successful run of perishables and live animals shipments with a limited number of involved actors, namely Cargolux, LuxairCargo, Kuehne+Nagel, Arthur Welter and the public administrations concerned, the CCS shall be rolled out to all types of cargo and all companies that are interested to join.


 LUX team picture

From left to right: Daniel Kohl (Arthur Welter), Daniel Boehlke (Kuehne+Nagel), Armin Weirich (Kuehne+Nagel), Franco Nanna (Cargolux), Rene Steinhaus (lux-Airport), Hilde Havermans (Nallian), Jean-Marc Reynarts (LuxairCargo), Ronny Claes (Cargolux), Richard Forson (Cargolux), Gilles Schlesser (Ministry of the Economy), Michael Octave (LuxairCargo), Volker Reiplinger (lux-Airport), Jonas van Stekelenburg (lux-Airport)


Says René Steinhaus, CEO of lux-Airport: “lux-Airport is excited to implement, together with its cargo community, a data sharing platform. With this decision lux-Airport demonstrates its commitment to support the airport cargo community and to foster the competitiveness and further growth of Luxembourg as a European multimodal logistics hub. Nallian has been selected because their solution demonstrates their core competence in cargo communities, using best practice processes frameworks, and enables for integration with other cargo communities.”

Says Jean Verheyen, CEO of Nallian: “We are proud to have been selected by lux-Airport, with whom we share a common vision on the importance and power of digitization and data sharing for air cargo. We are excited to help them realize their ambition to further develop the competitiveness of the airport and the logistics sector in Luxembourg as a whole.”


Acceptance-delivery app-BRUcloud-Nallian-Brussels-Airport

Brussels Airport first to empower freight forwarders with Nallian’s new Acceptance & Delivery app

Brussels, 28 November 2019 – Nallian has extended its open ecosystem of collaborative applications for air cargo with the Acceptance & Delivery app, a mobile application that gives forwarders and their drivers immediate access to all information regarding booked slots for freight pick up and delivery. The application has been launched at Brussels Aiports’ cargo community this week, as an addition to the existing BRUcloud apps.

Nallian has extended its open ecosystem of collaborative applications for air cargo with the Acceptance & Delivery app, a mobile application that gives forwarders and their drivers immediate access to all information regarding booked slots for freight pick up and delivery. Having all information at their fingertips and being able to register relevant information regarding the freight handover in real-time throughout the process allows them to save time, reduce admin, eliminate fraud-sensitive handover of paper documents and improve process visibility. The application has been launched at Brussels Aiports’ cargo community this week, as an addition to the existing BRUcloud apps.

The Acceptance & Delivery app is the latest add-on to the suite of landside management applications, designed to streamline operations between ground handlers, freight forwarders and trucking companies. With the app, which integrates seamlessly with the Slot Booking app, drivers can easily consult all slot details, linked freight and documents on their mobile device. They can register timestamps during the hand over process at the Ground Handling Agent (from arrival through to departure) and register damages (and related pictures) or shortages when handling freight. All information is stored digitally in the platform, providing visibility for the parties involved. This reduces disputes between handlers and forwarders and empowers the airport with reliable insights in performance.

 on the floor6

Timestamps are registered by secure scanning of unique QR-codes linked to the personnel and gates of the Ground Handling Agent.


The application has been launched this week at Brussels Airport’s cargo community. Sara Van Gelder, Cargo Business Development Manager at Brussels Airport Company, comments: “The go live has been smooth and user feedback is very positive. Drivers typically appreciate the fact that they have easy access to information, are more involved in the process and no longer need to lose time going back and forth between warehouse and reception. This application is yet another powerful add-on to BRUcloud, our cargo community platform that drives efficient collaboration and integration within our cargo community.”

Says Jean Verheyen, CEO Nallian: “This application is yet another step towards efficient, paper-less cross-company processes at the connected cargo hub. It complements our powerful suite of landside management apps, which already include apps such the Slot Booking App, Freight Management App, Check-it for Air Cargo, and many more. Together with our users, such as Brussels Airport’s cargo community, we keep on developing new apps to further enrich the open ecosystem of collaborative apps.”


Nallian takes home Brussels Airport's BRUcargo award

Brussels, 20 February 2020 – We're excited, humbled and proud to have taken home the BRUcargo award at Brussels Airport's 19th Aviation Award Ceremony yesterday. The Brussels Airport Aviation Awards recognize air cargo actors who make a difference in terms of growth, innovation, performance, and cargo and network development. The BRUcargo award goes to  the actor with the most active role in terms of innovation, digitzation and growth of partnership. 

BRUcargo Award

According to the jury Nallian highly contributed to the growth of BRUcloud, BRUcargo's open datasharing platform. The platform improves efficiency and transparency of cargo operations at BRUcargo. Jean Verheyen, CEO Nallian, proudly comments: "It's great to see 90% of the actors at BRUcargo are using our applications and platform and communities across Europe and since recently also in the US are now using our solutions. We are only part of the equation, it's really the communities who make this happen. In Belgium, for example, we should not underestimate the role Air Cargo Belgium". 


Nallian nominated finalist of TIACA’s first annual Sustainability Awards

Brussels, 21 October 2019 – The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) has nominated Nallian as a finalist for its first annual Sustainability Award. The awards, sponsored by CHAMP Cargosystems received applications from established corporations and start-ups to address CO2 emissions, reducing waste, humanitarian aid and other sectors.

Nallian was nominated for its Open Ecosystem of Collaborative Applications. The other 2 finalists are M&G Packaging and Wings for Aid Foundation. The projects were submitted to an independent jury of five judges who marked the applications on criteria such as social, environmental and economic impacts, robustness and attractiveness.

Steven Polmans, chairman of TIACA says: “Having the opportunity for the first time to organise this award is a big step in terms of who we, as TIACA, want to be and how we want to be seen by the industry. I am sure all entries will help us further shape our Sustainability program. Demonstrating the economic benefits of doing good for people, society and environment will inspire many of us.”

Arnaud Lambert, CEO of CHAMP Cargosystems says: “I have clearly been impressed by the quality and the variety of the applications. There was a good mix between projects from established companies and ‘start-ups’. The difficulty was to select the ones that will go on the podium.”

Nallian will be presenting its project to the jury and public at the TIACA Executive Summit in Budapest, 19 to 21 November 2019.


Swissport delivers stellar customer service digitizing checklists with Nallian's Check-it

Brussels, 19 September 2019 – Every day tons of cargo are being checked: dangerous goods, pharma, perishables, damaged goods, … The process is traditionally executed on paper, which is cumbersome, admin-heavy, and often generating costly re-checks due to non-compliance with stakeholder’s standards. Swissport Cargo Services has turned this process in a smooth digital flow, using Nallian’s Check-it for Air Cargo. The application helped them increase process execution quality, reduce administration and eliminate costs of corrective actions ensuring compliance with stakeholder and IATA standards.

Key benefits achieved by Swissport

The interview below with Lucas Deschouwer, Operations Support Manager Swissport Cargo Services, highlights how it helped them achieve a wide range of benefits, such as

  • Operational efficiency: Ease of execution with an all-in-one application enables them to save on average or 33h/month on export only
  • Better informed customers - Real-time notifications using standard, clear message templates eliminate back and forth calling an mailing and ensures first time right information
  • Less corrective actions - Compliant execution and communication avoids costly re-checks
  • Easy reporting: Having data readily available (on number of shipments handled, the number of refused shipments, etc.) in the platform instead of compiling manually in excel sheets helps them save more than 10h/month on reporting

Yet another collaborative application generating efficiency and visibility

Check-it for Air Cargo empowers ground handlers and logistics service providers to easily capture and share relevant data in their processes. The app has been added to Nallian’s ecosystem of collaborative applications following the acquisition of Sky Fresh (now rebranded to Check-it) by Brussels Airport Company earlier this year. The application is already been used by several ground handlers, airlines and logistics service providers, amongst other at Brussels Airport’s cargo community. The application will integrate seamlessly with other apps in airport’s cargo clouds, such as BRUcloud.

The use case details how Swissport has been benefiting from digitized check and task lists. For a live demonstration of the app, visit the Nallian/BRUcloud booth at Air Cargo Handling in Paris next week.

Nallian launches the Global Pharma Tracker - Early Adopter Program

Data sharing specialist Nallian announces it will be launching the Global Pharma Tracker - Early Adopter Program at the IATA World Cargo Symposium in Singapore next week. The Global Pharma Tracker is the world's first data sharing platform for end-to-end tracking and monitoring of temperature-controlled pharma shipments. Providing unparalleled levels of transparency and visibility, it empowers pharma actors to efficiently detect, act upon and ultimately prevent costly temperature excursions - currently causing billions worth of product loss every year.

Redefining temperature-controlled pharma shipments

The global pharma air cargo supply chain involves many partners: shippers, carriers, ground handlers, forwarders, cold chain service providers and airport authorities. In this fragmented supply chain, detecting excursions and defining why and where they happened is today a complex, time-consuming and manual process.

The Global Pharma Tracker Platform integrates logistics, temperature and quality data from this fragmented supply chain into a single, real-time view. This gives all stakeholders access to an enhanced data stream, providing valuable insights into their cargo flows and end-to-end visibility across the network. It empowers them to efficiently and unequivocally answer questions such as ‘where did the excursion happen?’ and ‘what caused it?’. Historical performance analysis will ultimately allow them to adopt a pro-active approach that prevents excursions from happening in the future.

Early Adopter Program

Following a successful Proof of Concept and Pilot phase, in collaboration with Pharma.Aero and their user group, including leading pharma shippers, handlers, airport authorities, forwarders and carriers (such as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, MSD, Brussels Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Mumbai Airport, Brussels Airport, Changi Airport, DHL Global Forwarding), the Global Pharma Tracker Platform is now made available to pharmaceutical actors who are keen to gain full control of their pharma shipments and set the standard for global pharma visibility.

Says Jean Verheyen, CEO Nallian: ‘We are excited to bring the benefits of our open data sharing platform to the pharmaceutical industry. Proven to generate transparency and efficiency across local cargo communities, expanding these to a global network such as the pharma supply chain is a logical next step in our ambition to bring the benefits of digitization and collaboration to the air cargo industry. Users of the Global Pharma Tracker will leverage the benefits manfold: internally, within their local community, across validated pharma corridors and ultimately across the global network. With a cost of 35 billion USD caused by temperature excursions, we trust the Global Pharma Tracker represents a major opportunity for the industry.”

Information session at World Cargo Symposium

Nallian will present the Global Pharma Tracker platform and share details of the Early Adopter Program at the IATA World Cargo Symposium in Singapore next week:

Information session

Tuesday 12 March
Marina Bay Sands – Level 3, Begonia Main 3003
16h30 – 17h30 

Alternatively, you will find the team at the Nallian-BRUcloud booth #E14 

For more information, contact:

Joke Aerts
Head of Marketing
+32 473 55 80 60 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Vienna International Airport to accelerate growth beyond the limits of its physical infrastructure with Nallian for Air Cargo

Brussels, 23 January 2019 – To prepare for growth beyond the limits of its existing hard infrastructure, Vienna International Airport is empowering its cargo community with Nallian’s open data sharing platform and collaborative applications suite. In a first phase, the Vehicle Database application will be used to control access to the now crowded cargo grounds, hence eliminating congestion and improving security. The Statistics app will allow the airport to better analyse and gain more granular insights in their overall cargo streams. In the future, more applications, such as the Slot Booking app, can be added to the Vienna CargoCloud to generate additional benefits along the strategic road VIE is taking.

IT infrastructure as catalyst for growth

Vienna International Airport has a clear vision: to develop a thriving Airport City where all stakeholders operate in the most optimal conditions and create synergies between each other, enabling sustainable growth for all. After the completion of the new dedicated Pharma Handling Center in December 2018, the next projects are already under construction or in the pipe line. As land availability is not endless, however, digital transformation and lean collaborative processes are the way forward to support future growth. With regards to cargo, a first step towards doing more with less is to control access and eliminate congestion at the (fenced off) cargo zone.

Vienna Airport

Reducing congestion, increasing security

The Vehicle Database application will be integrated with the Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system at the access gate. Via an intuitive web interface companies at the cargo zone will be able to pro-actively register vehicles that are to be granted access to the zone. Consignees will be able to request access via the application in view of their pick-ups and deliveries.

This system will not only avoid vehicles are idling on the grounds, it will also improve security and provide better insights in the movements at the cargo area as all traffic is registered. In the future, the application can be integrated with the Slot Booking application, so access can be granted automatically in view of registered time slots.


Better visibility in cargo streams

Another collaborative application on the Vienna CargoCloud is the Statistics app, which will provide the airport with more granular insights in its global cargo streams. Like a periscope it taps into existing data, such as MAWB data, flight times, cargo types etc., empowering the airport to make a more in-depth analysis of their cargo flows and take informed decisions about flight routes to develop, sales and marketing actions to be taken etc.

Says Peter De Leeuw, Head of Landside and Real Estate development and Cargo Development at Vienna International Airport: “We are convinced our way to grow is through digitisation and we have found in Nallian the right partner to support us. We have looked at different platforms and theirs has convinced us with its flexible modular settings and the fact that it offers us a future-proof solution to reach our goals. It integrates seamlessly with our existing systems and allows us to easily add more applications as we move forward – and even to build our own apps upon the platform. Also, we have been impressed by the work they have done with Brussels Airport. We believe we share the same ambition to grow our business through digitisation and we are looking forward to work more closely together and create more synergies in the future.”

Says Nallian’s CEO Jean Verheyen: “We are thrilled to support Vienna International Airport in their ambition to grow through digital transformation. Our Nallian for Air Cargo suite is designed by and for such visionary air cargo professionals, with the objective of optimising real-world situations leveraging existing data and processes. We are looking forward to help them grow through our platform and collaborative applications.”


BRUcloud wins “Information Technology for the Air Cargo Industry Award”

Brussels Airport's open data sharing platform, BRUcloud, won the Information Technology for the Air Cargo Industry Award at the ACW World Air Cargo Awards during the award gala of Air Cargo China in Shanghai.

After winning the award for “Airport of the year” for the past 4 years, this is the 5th time in a row the BRUcargo community gets rewarded with a trophy at the World Air Cargo Awards. Being elected for this innovative digital project by the industry, makes us extremely proud! This award is a beautiful recognition for what we are all together realising within the BRUcargo community.

BRUcloud ACW award 2018 resized


Steven Polmans, Head of Cargo  at Brussels Airport Company, comments: "to the BRUcargo stakeholders, Air Cargo Belgium, the province of Flemish Brabant and our partner Nallian: THANK YOU for your support, your input in our digital vision and roadmap and your active involvement in the roll out of BRUcloud and the different applications!"


Liege Airport redefines air cargo efficiency, transparency and reliability with Nallian for Air Cargo

Brussels, 16 October 2018 – Liege Airport, one of the major cargo airports in Europe, takes efficiency, transparency and reliability to the next level with the Nallian for Air Cargo suite. A powerful data-sharing platform topped by a set of collaborative applications will empower Liege Airport and its cargo stakeholders to operate in an integrated way that generates business benefits for all. A data lake will allow the airport to further maximize the value of this shared data, enabling in-depth analysis that helps them to better understand their cargo streams and make informed decisions.

With an annual volume of more than 700.000 ton, Liege Airport is one of the largest cargo airports in Europe. Driven by the ambition to be also one of Europe’s leading airports, Liege Airport is launching a cloud-based platform that enables its stakeholders to operate in a more collaborative, integrated way. Single data-entry and secure data-exchange are key in this innovative digitalization project that makes way with traditional, inefficient one-to-one communication and information siloes.

Single version of the truth

Using Nallian’s open data sharing platform, information that is uploaded once can be shared in a secured, controlled way with other parties. A set of collaborative applications enables to capture and share this single version of the truth in a wide range of processes. Liege Airport is starting off with 6 applications: Slot Booking, Export VAT recovery, Freight Consolidation, E-commerce declaration, Cargo Performance Monitoring, and Track & Trace. These have already proven to generate significant benefits in terms of time savings, performance increase and process predictability in other implementations.

A data lake will be fueled with information from these applications, allowing the airport to, amongst others, analyze freight routes in much more detail, using a set of parameters such as freight origin or final destination, commodities, airline, transport mode etc. Gaining better insights in its cargo streams will allow the airport to make strategic decisions based on real-world information.

Liege TNT aircraft banner 2

Future proof-approach with immediate benefits

Says Franz J. Heuckeroth Van Hessen, VP Air Services at Liege Airport: “Nallian’s unique approach of an open data sharing platform empowering collaborative applications gives our business the agility it needs to remain ahead of the game, today and tomorrow. It allows us immediately reap the benefits with our first set of applications in a range of processes, with the flexibility to quickly scale and add more applications in the future. We have been impressed by the proven performance of the platform, and are convinced it will generate significant value for the airport and our stakeholders.”

Says Jean Verheyen, CEO of Nallian: “Liege Airport is a pioneer in the air cargo industry and we are proud to support them in their ambition to take their business and the air cargo sector to the next level. Our Nallian for Air Cargo Suite has been developed for and by Air Cargo leaders like them, so we are pleased to be able to support their long-term vision with a platform that is tuned to their reality.”

Nallian meets the European Commission

Nallian's Alex Driesen shared a practitioner 's view on Drivers and Hurdles of Data Sharing in a B2B Context at the European Commission's DG Connect B2B Data Sharing Conference in January 2018. Watch Nallian's contribution here:


BRUcloud goes live with Slot Booking

15 January 2018 - Starting today, the BRUcloud Slot Booking App helps to streamline the process of freight delivery or pick-up at the gates of the ground handler’s facilities. The app matches a slot request with the available capacity and aligns supply and demand. This is an important change: previously, all information exchange was done manually, via email or phone. This resulted in peak demands and idle times for the ground handlers, waiting times for the forwarders, lack of transparency and inefficient personnel planning. 

Read more on the BRUcloud community website!

BRU brucargo slotbooking 

NxtPort and Nallian to show initial usecases

10 October 2017 - As provider of the core data sharing engine of NxtPort, Nallian and NxtPort have worked intensively to set up the first use cases connecting the entire port community. Wednesday 11 October, NxtPort will showcase the initial use cases, and explore the way forward.

Over time, the NxtPort initiative aims at unlocking EUR 1 billion of value throughout the Antwerp port community. Stay tuned!