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Data sharing specialist Nallian opens office in Singapore to support growth in Asia

Brussels, 17 December 2020 – To support its local clients and be closer to the high-growth APAC region, data sharing specialist Nallian has opened up a new office in Singapore. Geert Van Brempt has been appointed Managing Director Asia Pacific.

2020 has been an important year for Nallian: the company expanded its worldwide network of airport cargo communities using their Cargo Cloud with airports in Europe, the US (read more about their recently announced collaboration with Dallas Fort Worth Airport here) and Asia. To support its local clients and drive growth in the APAC region, the Belgian company has recently opened an office in Singapore. Geert Van Brempt, a seasoned manager with over 20 years of experience working in the region, has been appointed Managing Director Asia Pacific.

Geert Van Brempt

Geert Van Brempt has been appointed Managing Director Asia Pacific.

Jean Verheyen, CEO of Nallian, comments: “We are very excited about this next step. The fast-growing Asia Pacific air cargo market is presenting a wealth of opportunities for Nallian. This new office will help us to accelerate our coverage of the region, and work even more closely with our local clients.



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DFW Airport Invests in Cargo Technology powered by Nallian

Cargo supply chain information electronically shareable between stakeholders 

Brussels, 2 December 2020 – DFW Airport is using Nallian’s cloud based data sharing platform for cargo customers, allowing seamless transactions across the supply chain.  Over time, this will include freight forwarders, shippers, ground handling agents, 3PLs, airlines, Customs and Border Protection, and trucking companies – empowering them to coordinate their cross-company processes.

 “DFW Airport continues to focus and invest in our cargo business.  This new platform makes processing cargo through DFW more efficient by providing accurate and timely information to our cargo community,” said John Ackerman, Executive Vice President of global strategy and development at DFW Airport. “We are excited to work with Nallian and our international airport partners to offer this digital platform to our cargo and logistics customers.”

Jean Verheyen, CEO at Nallian, added, “We are honored to work with DFW Airport who is committed to raising the bar for innovation and excellence in air cargo. With Nallian’s mission in mind - ‘to make the world operate as one’ - we are thrilled to see how our infrastructure also empowers forward-thinking airports such as DFW and their partners to leverage the power of digitization on a global level.” 

This new application-based technology will reduce the amount of time and paperwork required for cargo shipments coming through the Airport and is part of the Airport’s digital transformation strategy. A dedicated Slot Booking application allows truckers and freight forwarders to request and reserve dock door slot times, eliminating wait times while reducing roadway congestion and harmful emissions. Future enhancements will include real time pharmaceutical tracking and monitoring capabilities, ensuring higher levels of safety and product integrity. This allows multinational collaboration among global cargo hubs. 

DFW is focused on air cargo, an essential industry to North Texas. The Airport handled 971,000 tons of cargo in FY19 and has steadily risen to become one of the top international cargo hubs.   DFW’s central US location is the nexus of Latin America-Asia transit freight, and an ideal hub for e-commerce. Strong Asian freighter service and the ongoing growth of its Latin America network add to DFW’s geographic advantage.


Data sharing platform Nallian acquires specialist consultancy 4ADVICE and strengthens its offering in the field of temperature sensitive pharma logistics

Brussels – June 02, 2020 – Nallian, the cloud-based data sharing platform with focus on air cargo today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire 4Advice, one of the leading consultants in the field of temperature sensitive pharma logistics.

Belgium-based 4Advice operates worldwide and helps global pharma shippers, transportation companies and logistic hubs such as around cargo airports to become compliant with the needs of time and temperature sensitive logistics. 4Advice’s ultimate purpose is to deliver peace of mind to the pharma shipper. Today, 4Advice achieves this by improving, validating and/or certifying the processes along the chain. By getting into a strategic partnership with Nallian, 4Advice will also be able to provide its clients the tools to continuously monitor the chain once process improvements have been put in place, and to execute those processes efficiently.

With its data sharing platform and collaborative applications, Nallian helps logistic communities such as around cargo airports to operate as one instead of as dozens of isolated silos. Operating as one gains efficiency for the logistic actors, service levels for the shippers, and attractiveness for the logistic hub. With the acquisition of 4Advice, Nallian reinforces its offering in the field of temperature sensitive pharma logistics, one of the most demanding fields in logistics with the highest need for state-of-the-art solutions.

“We’re thrilled to join the Nallian family”, says Bert Elsen, managing partner of 4Advice. “Our teams were working already on very similar clients, and we always felt that we could do more for our clients if we worked closely together. With this acquisition, we can finally make this a reality.”

Says Jean Verheyen, CEO at Nallian: “4Advice’s team is renowned worldwide for their expertise in improving temperature sensitive pharma logistics. We look very much forward to complementing 4Advice’s consultancy with the digital tools to sustain these improvements, and to leveraging 4Advice’s deep domain know-how in order to sharpen Nallian’s product portfolio for pharma cargo. In the end, we want to bring the best possible independent platform to the market, as seen from the perspective of pharma shippers.”

4Advice will continue to operate under its own brand.


Making the world operate as one, one community at a time
Nallian is the world’s first provider of a next-generation collaborative data sharing platform for logistics hubs. 

Nallian helps business partners in fragmented networks to become high performing clusters that operate as one. Maximizing the value of their data, Nallian enables them to grow beyond the limits of their physical infrastructure and generate business benefits for all actors in the network. Nallian has been successfully empowering supply chain communities in several industries, such as air cargo, maritime, and the chemicals industry, generating efficiency, transparency and visibility by unlocking the power of the connected network. 

In air cargo, clients include airports in Europe, the Americas and Asia such as Brussels Airport, Liege Airport, Luxembourg Airport, Vienna Airport, London Heathrow and Dallas Fort-Worth, as well as the logistic actors active in those airports.

About 4Advice 

4Advice is a Belgian consulting firm with over 20 years of experience in logistics and supply-chain for time- and temperature-sensitive products.  4Advice offers pharmaceutical companies and their suppliers across the globe audits, consultancy, in-house-support, project management, training, and related services. 4Advice and its team are iso9001, CEIV and GDP certified.

In air cargo, the team has worked for logistic communities in airports such as Brussels, Edmonton, Dallas Fort-Worth and Miami, airlines such as Amerijet, Brussels Airlines, Delta Cargo, and handlers such as WFS, Swissport and Menzies. Outside of air cargo, clients include the Port of Antwerp, and medtech shippers such as Terumo.



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Swissport eliminates superpeaks with Nallian’s Slot Booking app integrated with kiosk system for self-registration

Brussels - October 15, 2020 – Swissport Cargo Services is the first ground handler at Brussels Airport’s cargo hub to use the Slot Booking app together with a kiosk system for self-registration. The introduction of Slot Booking empowered the ground handler to smoothen peaks, reduce stress for operational staff, provide better service and plan staff in view of actual demand.

Eliminating ‘superpeaks’

Prior to using Slot Booking, peak times at Swissport’s premises would equal long waiting times, heavy discussions on whom should be served first and a lot of stress for acceptance staff. Today, the app is channeling activity as it enables trucking companies and freight forwarders to reserve time slots for their pick ups or deliveries, with slots made available by the handler according to his availability. Says Tom Lepage, Quality Manager at Swissport Cargo Services: “One of the major benefits is that we now have visibility on who is coming when. We still face peak times, but we have eliminated the so-called ‘superpeaks’. For example, we’ll still see a lot of activity between 7 and 10.30 a.m., but trucks will no longer all show up at 7 a.m. sharp."

A smooth, digital acceptance process

The acceptance zone has been closed off, with a priority lane for drivers who arrive with a booked slot. “Drivers very quickly adopted the system and no longer question the order in which they are being served. This has dramatically reduced stress for our acceptance staff,” adds Lepage.

The digital flow of the Slot Booking app and kiosk registration system has also accelerated the acceptance process. Drivers first register at the kiosk, which is fully integrated with BRUcloud and the Slot Booking app. They are automatically shown their booked slot(s), which significantly reduces admin and paperwork.

SLot Booking Kiosk blurred

Drivers first register at the kiosk, which is fully integrated with BRUcloud and the Slot Booking app.

Better planning of manpower

Having visibility on planned pick ups and deliveries makes it also easier to organize manpower in line with actual demand. Tom Lepage: “In particular off peak and during night shifts this allows us to better plan our resources, so we always have the right amount of staff available to ensure our customers quality service.”

Fast adoption

According to Lucas Deschouwer, Operations Support Manager, “the Slot Booking app is a very intuitive, easy-to-use system. In just a couple of weeks we had all users up and running. We are very much looking forward to integrate the Slot Booking app with the Freight Management app, one of the other landside management apps on the BRUcloud platform. This will give us even more granular visibility on what freight will be picked up and delivered when and by whom and enable us to work in a fully pro-active mode. Also, in 2021 we will start operating from our new warehouse facilities, which will increase our overall capacity and means we’ll be able to make more Slot Booking gates available."


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Brussels Airport streamlines airport-to-airport pick-ups & deliveries with Nallian’s new Road Feeder Management app

Brussels, June 16, 2020 – Data sharing specialist Nallian has extended its Landside Management Suite with the Road Feeder Management app, empowering trucking companies and ground handlers to coordinate airport-to-airport pick ups and deliveries. The application is an extension to Nallian’s proven Slot Booking app and is integrated with Be-Mobile’s mobile app for truck drivers, “Truckmeister”. The Road Feeder Management app enables trucking companies providing Road Feeder Services and their associated ground handlers to also enjoy the benefits of Slot Booking, such as zero waiting time and accurate planning of resources; it also facilitates coordination through real-time updates of the estimated arrival times and communication with drivers on the road. Following recent successful testing, in a first phase the app will be used by handlers WFS and Aviapartner and by trucking companies H. Essers, Ninatrans and Jan De Rijk Logistics, starting July.   

RoadFeeder iStock 1069743178 small

A dynamic approach to Slot Booking
Traditional Slot Booking empowers trucking companies and freight forwarders to book time slots for pick-ups and/or deliveries at a ground handler’s premises according to his capacity. This is a challenge for trucking companies who are operating Road Feeder Services and operating off premises, as ETAs are prone to shift due to longer travel distances. Also, the data and communication flows for airport-to-airport deliveries are different, with specific requirements and expectations. The Road Feeder Management app is designed to answer these specific needs: with the app slots are booked dynamically, meaning they are adjusted automatically in view of the actual ETA. For this, the application integrates with Be-Mobile’s Truckmeister app, which is used by drivers for a.o. navigation using traffic guidance and updating the ETA during the drive. It also enables communication between handlers and drivers, with push notifications available in 9 languages.

Increasing efficiency at Brussels Airport
One of the reasons for missed slots and inefficient transport planning is the increasing volume of traffic on our European roads. With accurate ETA calculation and Nallian’s dynamic slot booking platform the waiting time, and therefore also the financial loss for transport is reduced to the minimum. In addition, ground handlers can better manage their activities knowing when to prepare for an arriving truck. Truckmeister allows for a smoother move of cargo from anywhere in Europe, towards, at and from Brussels Airport. As Truckmeister supports 9 languages, foreign truck drivers are guided to their destination in their native language.

An automated, digital approach

Using the Road Feeder Management app, the entire Slot Booking process is streamlined thanks to an automated, digital flow:

  • As soon as an order is created in the TMS of the trucking company, the ground handler receives a pre-announcement of the pick-up or delivery, allowing him to plan and inform staff ahead.
  • Once this order is planned in the TMS, a slot is booked automatically based on the specifics of the order, such as ETA, import/export, load meters, etc. Similar orders are grouped into one slot to maximize efficiency at the zone.
  • During the drive, the actual ETA is updated via the Truckmeister app and time slots are adjusted accordingly; if an adjacent slot is unavailable the ground handler is invited to manually propose a new time.
  • The ground handler can manage all reserved slots (Road Feeder slots and the “traditional” slots used by the on-premises community) from the same integrated User Interface.
  • At all times, the handler can communicate with the driver through the Truckmeister app, with messages available in 9 different languages to accommodate the international background of drivers.
  • In the future, the digitization of the process will be further expanded with capabilities such as the uploading of documents, for example e-CRM.

screenshot combined

Brussels Airport’s cargo community first to enjoy the benefits

The Road Feeder Management app will initially be used at Brussels Airport’s cargo community by H. Essers, Jan De Rijk Logistics, Ninatrans, Aviapartner and WFS, starting July. Steven Polmans, Director Cargo & Logistics at Brussels Airport, comments: “Since 2018 we have been successfully using Nallian’s Slot Booking app and we have seen the huge benefits it is bringing the community, especially the forwarders and handlers operating at our cargo zone, such as the elimination of 90% of waiting time. We are delighted we can now also extend those benefits to our partners who are running Road Feeder Services and operate off-premises. The Road Feeder Management app is yet another reinforcement of BRUcloud, our community’s Cargo Cloud and yet another step towards more integrated, collaborative work.

Says Jean Verheyen, CEO of Nallian: “With our suite of Landside Management apps we strive to empower cargo communities to digitize and hence streamline their A to Z freight management process. We are excited to extend its benefits to more actors in the network and to empower Brussels Airport’s cargo community to once again lift the bar for collaborative cargo operations.”

Gerd Nees, Business Unit Manager for Tolling and Logistics at Be-Mobile, adds: “The success of operating a slot booking platform depends highly on getting an accurate ETA from trucks driving towards Brussels Airport. Having the most up-to-date traffic information allows us to notify Brussels Airport of early and late arrivals so they can communicate and take appropriate actions accordingly.”

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