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Nallian nominated finalist of TIACA’s first annual Sustainability Awards


Brussels, 21 October 2019 – The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) has nominated Nallian as a finalist for its first annual Sustainability Award. The awards, sponsored by CHAMP Cargosystems received applications from established corporations and start-ups to address CO2 emissions, reducing waste, humanitarian aid and other sectors.

Nallian was nominated for its Open Ecosystem of Collaborative Applications. The other 2 finalists are M&G Packaging and Wings for Aid Foundation. The projects were submitted to an independent jury of five judges who marked the applications on criteria such as social, environmental and economic impacts, robustness and attractiveness.

Steven Polmans, chairman of TIACA says: “Having the opportunity for the first time to organise this award is a big step in terms of who we, as TIACA, want to be and how we want to be seen by the industry. I am sure all entries will help us further shape our Sustainability program. Demonstrating the economic benefits of doing good for people, society and environment will inspire many of us.”

Arnaud Lambert, CEO of CHAMP Cargosystems says: “I have clearly been impressed by the quality and the variety of the applications. There was a good mix between projects from established companies and ‘start-ups’. The difficulty was to select the ones that will go on the podium.”

Nallian will be presenting its project to the jury and public at the TIACA Executive Summit in Budapest, 19 to 21 November 2019.