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Nallian's Inspection Management streamlines import inspection process at Brussels Airport’s cargo hub


Brussels Airport’s cargo community is the first to turn the traditionally paper-based and fragmented import process of perishable goods into a smooth digital flow using Nallian’s Inspection Management app. It empowers Freight Forwarders and the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain to better coordinate, execute and have visibility on all inspection-related actions and digitally share the related documents and certificates. This shortens turnaround time and provides transparency for all stakeholders. An important feature for Brussels Airport's cargo hub is the automated integration of shipment data and statuses with Traces NT, the European Commission’s multilingual online platform for sanitary and phytosanitary certification. 

From fragmented process to integrated flow

Time is of the essence when it comes to maintaining appeal, maximizing shelf life and reducing waste of perishables. Yet more often than not the import inspection process is a time-consuming, fragmented operation that is characterized by back and forth emails and phone calls, unnecessary movements of inspectors and runners, lots of paperwork and a lack of transparency. At Brussels Airport, the Perishable Management app has turned this process into an integrated, uniform process: 

  • The Freight Forwarder provides all details about the goods to be inspected, including relevant documents and certificates, and informs when shipments are ready for inspection.
  • The Federal Agency for the Safety (FASFC) of the Food Chain assigns shipments to their inspectors and verifies all documentation is ok
  • On the mobile app, FASFC inspectors can check the shipments that are assigned to them and register all info (including pictures) digitally during Check on Location
  • All information is stored centrally and accessible in real-time to all parties involved.

screenshots Nallian Perishable Management App

Easy planning, execution and follow-up on inspections

Pro-active declaration of shipments facilitates planning of inspections and pro-active (digital) availability of certificates and documents accelerates documentary inspection for the FASFC. Visibility on the exact timing of inspections facilitates the coordination of follow-up actions (e.g. pick-ups) for the freight forwarder, while having real-time visibility on the status of the inspected shipments and documents allow him to take corrective measures faster and ensure clear communication with customers. The digitally available data allows all to avoid unnecessary physical movements, reduce paperwork and enable faster invoicing

Brussels Airport: "This ensures that both the forwarder and the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain can monitor the status of the inspection and control of the shipments in real time, which results in less administration and an even more efficient process. In the future, the usage will be extended to veterinary and other inspections."


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