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Swissport delivers stellar customer service digitizing checklists with Nallian's Check-it


Brussels, 19 September 2019 – Every day tons of cargo are being checked: dangerous goods, pharma, perishables, damaged goods, … The process is traditionally executed on paper, which is cumbersome, admin-heavy, and often generating costly re-checks due to non-compliance with stakeholder’s standards. Swissport Cargo Services has turned this process in a smooth digital flow, using Nallian’s Check-it for Air Cargo. The application helped them increase process execution quality, reduce administration and eliminate costs of corrective actions ensuring compliance with stakeholder and IATA standards.

Key benefits achieved by Swissport

The interview below with Lucas Deschouwer, Operations Support Manager Swissport Cargo Services, highlights how it helped them achieve a wide range of benefits, such as

  • Operational efficiency: Ease of execution with an all-in-one application enables them to save on average or 33h/month on export only
  • Better informed customers - Real-time notifications using standard, clear message templates eliminate back and forth calling an mailing and ensures first time right information
  • Less corrective actions - Compliant execution and communication avoids costly re-checks
  • Easy reporting: Having data readily available (on number of shipments handled, the number of refused shipments, etc.) in the platform instead of compiling manually in excel sheets helps them save more than 10h/month on reporting

Yet another collaborative application generating efficiency and visibility

Check-it for Air Cargo empowers ground handlers and logistics service providers to easily capture and share relevant data in their processes. The app has been added to Nallian’s ecosystem of collaborative applications following the acquisition of Sky Fresh (now rebranded to Check-it) by Brussels Airport Company earlier this year. The application is already been used by several ground handlers, airlines and logistics service providers, amongst other at Brussels Airport’s cargo community. The application will integrate seamlessly with other apps in airport’s cargo clouds, such as BRUcloud.