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Solutions for Airport Operators

Attract more business. Gain granular insights.

Nallian helps you increase service efficiency, reliability and transparency at your cargo hub and gain granular insights in your cargo streams. So you can attract new business in a highly competitive landscape, and take the leading edge in demanding markets, such as pharma, perishables or e-commerce.

Recommended solutions for you

Nallian Cargo Cloud

Build a highly connected, high-performance  cargo hub

Empower the cargo actors at your hub to Operate as One instead of as dozens of silos. Coordinated, pro-active operations enabled by paperless, real-time data exchange generates unparallelled levels of efficiency, reliability and transparency for all. 

Cargo Statistics

Gain granular insights in your cargo streams

Far beyond the limits of traditional reporting, Cargo Statistics helps you analyze and understand your cargo streams. Diagnoze sub-optimal performance faster, detect more opportunities for growth, and take informed business decisions that generate bigger benefits for your airport. 

Your benefits

Take informed business decisions based on granular insights in your end-to-end cargo streams

Attract more volume & develop new capabilities with outstanding operational efficiency

Cope with growth without the need to expand your hard infrastructure

Eliminate waiting times, avoid congestion & reduce the cargo hub's carbon footprint

Attract special commodities (pharma, e-commerce) as you can guarantee world-class service transparency and reliability 

What our customers say

Nallian’s unique approach gives our business the agility it needs to remain ahead of the game, today and tomorrow. We have been impressed by the proven performance of the platform, and are convinced it will generate significant value for the airport and our stakeholders.

​Liege Airport | Steven Verhasselt, VP Commercial

Nallian's Cargo Cloud will make processing cargo through DFW more efficient by providing accurate and timely information to our cargo community. We are excited to work with our partner Nallian to offer this added value to our cargo and logistics customers.

Dallas Fort Worth Airport | John Ackerman, Executive VP Global Strategy & Development 

BRUcloud, the data sharing platform of Brussels Airport's cargo community based on Nallian's Open Data Sharing Platform, enables the different stakeholders of our air cargo supply chain to work more “integrated” and act as a network. 

Brussels Airport | Director Cargo & Logistics

How other Airport Operators are benefiting from this

Athens International Airport launches Nallian-powered Cargo Cloud

Ostend-Bruges International Airport goes live with Nallian’s Inspection Management app to streamline the import process of perishables

Brussels Airport's cargo association rewarded for Digital Green Lane initiative powered by Nallian

DFW Airport Invests in Cargo Technology powered by Nallian

Luxembourg Airport takes visibility and efficiency to the next level with Nallian for Air Cargo

Brussels Airport's cargo community eliminates waiting time and smoothens peaks and idle times with Nallian’s Slot Booking for Air Cargo.

Vienna International Airport to accelerate growth beyond the limits of its physical infrastructure with Nallian for Air Cargo

Liege Airport redefines air cargo efficiency, transparency and reliability with Nallian for Air Cargo

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