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Benefits for other cargo stakeholders

Nallian's solutions are designed by and for cargo actors to drive efficiency and visibility in their processes with a digital approach.
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Pharma actors

When you're handling pharmaceutical cargo transparency, reliability and compliance are of the utmost importance. Nallian's data-driven solutions empower pharma cargo actors to achieve all of those thoughout the cargo shipment's journey. 

Recommended solutions for you

Pharma Dashboard

Monitor the quality performance of your pharma shipments using data from the IATA CEIV Pharma Acceptance Checklist. Understand non-conformities, benchmark performance against the community and track the impact of corrective measures.  

Global Pharma Tracker

Monitor and track temperature controlled pharma shipments throughout their end-to-end journey. Armed with end-to-end visibility and transparency you dynamically plan and monitor actions and secure shipments as they move through your supply chain. 

CEIV & GDP compliance

Ensure you transport pharmaceuticals in accordance with the latest legislations and directives. 4Advice assists you with audits & risk analysis, consultancy, in-house-support, project management, trainings, temperature mapping, and many other services. 


With Nallian's solutions you can rely on transparent and efficient services from your connected partner network. In demanding markets, such as pharmaceutical, perishable goods or e-commerce where traceability, visibility and timely deliveries are of the essence, being able to deliver as promised is crucial to keep your competitive advantage. 


Nallian's CargoCloud accelerates the customs confirmation procedure, shortening VAT recovery times. The Customs Export app provides you with correct and complete information regarding shipments, by automatically pulling the required data from Master Airway Bills, Flight Manifests, "arrival of the goods" notifications" etc. This removes inefficient paper-work and duplicate, error-prone data-entries, which allows you to provide clearance faster. At Brussels Airport, VAT recovery time has been reduced by 90 to 5 days.

From 90 to 5 days

VAT recovery time has dropped dramatically at Brussels Airport using the Customs Export app


Enjoy on time, in full deliveries thanks to efficient collaboration in the connected air cargo network. Smart data-sharing provides you with visibility and transparency, while removing inefficient administration and paperwork.


Nallian for Air Cargo streamlines streamlines import and export handling. You can guarantee your customers fast and correct clearance, tax payment and recovery thanks to applications such as the Customs Export app. It ensures the required information is shared automatically with relevant stakeholders, eliminating time-consuming, error-prone paperwork and reducing processing time dramatically. 

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