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Ground Handlers (2)

Solutions for Ground Handlers

Handle more freight & deliver stellar service

A smooth freight handover process is crucial to maximize capacity while delivering stellar service. So is efficient and accurate execution of acceptance & compliance checks in your warehouse. Discover how Nallian's Truck Visit Solution and Check-it help you maximize performance.  

Truck Visit Management: Maximize capacity, get 100% visibility

With Nallian's Truck Visit Solution you coordinate freight pick ups and drop offs in a streamlined way - from (pre-)annoucement to slot management to sharing freight details. So you increase throughput, eliminate waiting times and make optimal use of resources.

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Streamline any question based-check

With Nallian’s Check-it you digitize any question-based check or task in your organization. Facilitate execution and ensure real-time communication of operational  (DGR, Pharma, Perishables, Damage, ... and compliance (equipment maintenance, health & safety) checks.

Discover Check-it

Truck Visit Solution

A digital, streamlined approach to cargo pick ups and drop offs

Say goodbye to an inefficient, paperbased process that involves a lot of admin, emails and phone calls. Instead, coordinate and communicate with freight forwarders and trucking companies online and in real-time. From the (self)registration of truck drivers to the exchange of shipment details to the management and booking of dock door capacity. 

Your Benefits

  • Increase handling capacity

  • Reduce driver wait times

  • Optimize resource planning

  • Speed up registration and check-out

  • Eliminate paperwork and related admin

Streamlining the entire pick up and drop off process


Know who is picking up / dropping off

With this fast and easy (self-)registration module, every visit is registered by the driver at the Digital Front Desk upon arrival. Visits can also be pre-announced by the forwarder or trucking company via the online app. Optionally, the driver can manually add shipment details when registering. 

Your Benefits

  • Free up front desk staff
  • Speed up the registration process for the driver
  • Get 100 visibility on all pick ups & drop offs

Sharing Shipment Data

Know who is picking up / dropping off what

Facilitate the exchange of freight details between trucking companies, freight forwarders and ground handlers. Shipment info is shared digitally and can be linked to visits or slots in a matter of clicks, in advance or at the Digital Front Desk.

Your benefits

  • Avoid hassle with paperwork and reduce manual mails/calls
  • Speed up the registration and check-out process
  • Have visibility on all incoming and outgoing freight
  • (Un)load faster as you can proactively prepare goods and equipment (when combined with Slot Booking)

Slot management

Steer & know who is picking up / dropping off what and when

Channel activity as you manage dock door capacity according to a wide range of parameters (such as location, cargo type, vehicle type, import/export, ULD/BUP, etc). Trucking Companies and Freight Forwarders book time slots via an intuitive booking form to enjoy priority treatment and eliminate waiting times.

Your benefits

  • Eliminate waiting times
  • Flatten peaks, avoid idle times
  • Plan and prepare resources in view of actual activity
  • Handle more goods with the same amount of dock doors

A modular approach, adapted to your business

Whether you wish to simplify front desk registration, flatten peaks or eliminate waiting times - or all of the above - with our modular approach you select the functionality your business needs. You can start small and easily activate more functionality as and when needed, and complement with optional modules to maximize performance. 

"Prior to using Nallian's Slot Booking , the handling of a truck would take on average 3 hours. Today this is done in only 2 hours."

LACHS | Hossaine El Bouayadi, IT Manager & Business Process Development

Read how they are using it at Liege Airport

Create even more value

Further enhance your operations with the following modules. Any of these can be combined with the functionality above.

  • Mobile app

    Get real-time status visibility & eliminate update calls/mails

    Register timestamps of visits and shipment handover on a mobile device throughout the proces. 

  • Trips

    Combine visits efficiently and do more in one day 

    Smartly link multiple pick ups and drop off in one trip and enable Milkrun functionalities.

  • Dynamic Slots

    Extend Slot Booking benefits to Roadfeeder services

    Auto request visits or slots from the TMS, dynamically updated according to ETA.

  • Vehicle/Driver DB

    Increase security and reduce congestion

    Register frequent visitors by ID or vehicle​ and easily link them to visits or slots.

  • Auto Request

    Book visits directly from the Truck Management System

    Facilitate Slot Booking and gain insights in booked capacity faster.

"Using Slot Booking helped us generate an immediate efficiency increase of 5-10%, with a potential for further improvement."

WFS | Marc Claesen, Regional Vice President

Read how they are using it at BRUcargo

Offer customers priority treatment when arriving with a booked slot

Registering timestamps and actions made easy with the mobile app

Easy to run, easy to integrate

  • Short time to benefit

    Our cloud-based solution (SaaS) is fast and easy to implement, so you can start reaping the first benefits quickly. Mobile apps are available from the Apple and Google Play store.

  • Runs with your systems

    Complementary to your legacy systems, our solution taps into and enriches existing data and processes.

  • Highly configurable

    With a complete set of parameters you easily configure the solution to the specifics of your business (e.g. set slot capacity in view of location, vehicle type, cargo type, import/ export, ULD/BUP/...

  • Tested and proven

    Developed with and for air cargo actors, our solutions are adapted to real-life processes and used at leading cargo hubs around the globe.

"Using Slot Booking we achieved a 50% drop in waiting times on export and 25% on import, together with an immense cut in overtime for the drivers."

EXPEDITORS | Bart Hauwaerts, Warehouse Manager

Wish to take the digitization of your warehouse one step further? 

Paper checklists are cumbersome, error-prone and require a lot of administration. With Nallian's Check-it you capture and share relevant data in your cargo flow via an all-in-one application. Easy to execute and with data ready to share, you

  • improve quality of process execution
  • reduce administration
  • ensure compliance with stakeholder requirements

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