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Benefits for Shippers

Enjoy end-to-end visiblity during your shipment's journey

Nallian’s data sharing platform empowers you with end-to-end visibility throughout your shipment’s journey. Knowing at all times what is happening where and by whom enables you to mitigate risk, avoid waste and deliver as promised to your customers.

Protect your cargo with an integrated flow

For many shippers, visibility on their cargo stops the moment goods leave the door. The more actors are involved in the network, the more complex it becomes to track and monitor what is really happening. Paperbased, untransparent processes compromise efficient execution and/or challenge analysis in the case errors occur. In particular in high value, high risk markets, such as pharmaceutical or chemical, this can generate important costs and brand damage. 

By digitizing the data streams between the different parties in the network, Nallian helps you

Improve data-accuracy

Ensure transparency

Increase operational efficiency

Guarantee quality & safety

Avoid product loss

Some of the communities we're helping 


Temperature-controlled pharma logistics

The Global Pharma Tracker (GPT) platform is the world's first data sharing platform for end-to-end tracking and monitoring of temperature-controlled pharma shipments. It integrates logistics, temperature and quality data from a fragmented supply chain into a single, real-time view. This gives shippers, carriers, ground handlers, airport authorities and forwarders the transparency and control they need to secure their pharma shipments across the supply chain.


Improving transparency of tank cleaning operations on a European level

The eECD project has the ambition to increase visibility and transparency of tank cleaning operations in Europe. Digitizing the data-exchange between the different actors in the network, Port of Antwerp’s data platform NxtPort, powered by Nallian, transforms the typically admin-heavy and paper-based process into an integrated, collaborative flow.

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