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Solutions for Ground Handling Agents

Handle more freight & deliver stellar service

A smooth freight handover process is crucial to maximize capacity while delivering stellar service. So is efficient and accurate execution of acceptance & compliance checks in your warehouse. Discover how Nallian's solutions, such as Truck Visit Management and Check-it, help you maximize performance.  

Recommended solutions for you

Truck Visit Solution

Maximize capacity, get 100% visibility

With Nallian's Truck Visit Solution you coordinate freight pick ups and drop offs in a streamlined way - from (pre-)annoucement to slot management to sharing freight details. So you increase throughput, eliminate waiting times and make optimal use of resources.


Streamline any question based-check 

With Nallian’s Check-it you digitize any question-based check or task in your organization. Facilitate execution and ensure real-time communication of operational  (DGR, Pharma, Perishables, Damage, ...) and compliance (equipment maintenance, health & safety) checks.

What our customers say

"Prior to using Nallian's Slot Booking , the handling of a truck would take on average 3 hours. Today this is done in only 2 hours."

Challenge Handling

"With the Slot Booking app we achieved a 50% drop in waiting times on export and 25% on import, together with an immense cut in overtime for the drivers."


"Working paper-based, the process to log a case of non-acceptance would take on average 10 minutes. Today this happens in real-time, which allows us to save on average 33 hours per month."

Swissport Cargo Services

How other Ground Handlers are benefiting from this

CHI Aviation ensures secure handling and loading of air freight with digital checklists for ramp supervision

Digital Green Lane - how Nallian's slot booking ensures smooth pick ups and drop offs at BRUcargo

Griley Air Freight transforms freight management using Nallian's Truck Visit Management solution at Menzies LAX

Menzies eliminates wait times and improves efficiency with Nallian's Truck Visit Management Solution

Çelebi Cargo GmbH increases flight safety using Nallian's Check-it application

dnata ensures optimal quality, security, and compliance with digital checklists using Check-it

Swissport streamlines freight management operations with Nallian’s Truck Visit Management solution

Swissport delivers stellar service quality with digital checklists powered by Nallian's Check-it

Ground handler LACHS increases productivity by 33% with Nallian's Slot Booking for Air Cargo

Brussels Airport's cargo community eliminates waiting time and smoothens peaks and idle times with Nallian’s Slot Booking for Air Cargo.

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