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The history of Nallian

Nallian was founded in 2012 by Jean Verheyen, an experienced entrepreneur and senior manager in the global B2B integration market. He had a vision of how a pool of shared data, available for all relevant parties as soon as it is generated, could boost the performance of the actors in a community:

"Companies have so much valuable data sitting in their systems, data that can help their business partners to do a better job. At the same time those systems are not always geared up for absorbing their business partners' data, hence the need for a platform that sits in between."

Based on his experience as an SVP at Porthus, Jean designed a set of principles on how to improve data-based collaboration. Based on what prospective users told him, he integrated innovative cloud technology with social media techniques, merged that with solid B2B technology, and created Nallian’s Data Sharing Platform, a platform truly designed for collaboration within communities of business partners.

Jean's compelling vision quickly gathered some of Belgium's leading captains of industry as investors, advisors and executives. The team that came together to build Nallian have a long history in several companies that are active in this very field. All unhappy with the status quo, they decided to join Nallian, and build the next generation of collaborative platforms.

Today, Nallian is helping to build communities in sectors as diverse as logistical hubs, vertical supply chains and multimodal transportation networks. A perfect match between the user-friendliness and flexibility of consumer platforms, the solidity of B2B platforms and the scalability of cloud technology, fit for a world in motion where companies need agility, flexibility, and hyper-granular control over whom they share which parts of their data with for what purpose.

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Joke Aerts (Head of Marketing)
+32 473 55 80 60

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