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How we help cargo actors improve operational performance & visibility

Nallian's mission is to help cargo actors Operate as One, instead of as dozens of silos, and thus increase operational performance, visibility and competitiveness. Whether you are a single company who wishes to improve cross-company processes with your network, or a cargo community who wants to become a highly connected, collaborative hub, our solutions can help!

How we help ...

Cargo Communities

Become a connected, high performance cargo hub

Ground Handling Agents

Maximize capacity, flatten peaks, gain visiblity

Freight Forwarders & Trucking Companies

Eliminate waiting time, increase productivty

Airport Operators

Gain granular insights in your cargo streams and boost performance of our cargo zone


Streamline checks on cargo and coordinate truck visits at your warehouses.

Other cargo stakeholders

How we help shippers, regulatory instances, declarents, etc.

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