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Smoothen process execution with digital data capture

With Nallian’s Check-it you digitize any question-based check or task in your organization. Capture data streams efficiently and share information in real-time with stakeholders while maximizing quality, control and visibility.

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Some of the amazing companies powered by Check-it

CHI Aviation ensures secure handling and loading of air freight with digital checklists for ramp supervision

Hazgo increases efficiency, quality and compliance using digital checklists for dangerous goods and pharma shipments

TVP Logistics guarantees quality and compliance of pharma, GDP and TAPA transports using Nallian’s digital checklist app Check-it

Çelebi Cargo GmbH increases flight safety using Nallian's Check-it application

dnata ensures optimal quality, security, and compliance with digital checklists using Check-it

Swissport delivers stellar service quality with digital checklists powered by Nallian's Check-it

Streamline any question-based operation

With the Check-it mobile and web application you facilitate the execution of repetitive checks or tasks in your organization. From data capture, to status monitoring, to the automatic sending of notifications and reporting, the all-in-one solution empowers you to streamline the entire flow. Easy to manage and use, you can leverage the power of digitized data capture across your organization. 

Operational Check/Task lists

Streamline the execution of checks/tasks on goods that are passing your warehouse: 

  • General acceptance
  • Dangerous goods
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Damages
  • Perishables 
  • ACT
  • Live animals 
  • Etc.

Compliance & administrative checks

Facilitate execution of repetitive checks and tasks on fixed assets in your organization, such as: 

  • Quality, Environmental, Safety & Health audits
  • Equipment maintenance
  • General maintenance
  • Warehouse inspection
  • Ramp checks
  • Cleaning processes
  • Etc.

An all-in-one, paperless approach

With Check-it you turn the typically fragmented and paper-based process of check/tasklist execution into an integrated, digital flow. The object of the check/task could be anything: cargo inspection, aircraft cleaning, vehicle maintenance, health & safety audit, ...

  • Operational staff capture information via the mobile app: they answer questions, take pictures, add notes, ...  Back-office staff can work simultaneously on the same object, e.g. verifying documents or adding extra info. All info is shared in real-time with the platform. 
  • Quality Management has visibility on the status the objects, allowing real-time monitoring and tracking via the web app.
  • Customers/Stakeholders automatically receive messages or reports upon completion of a check/task in a standard way.
  • Management gains granular insights in performance as they run reports on a wide range of parameters in a click of a button.

Your benefits

Eliminate paperwork, duplicate data entry & related costs
Avoid costly re-checks & blocked shipments with complete, correct info
Facilitate communication with standardized, real-time messaging
Enjoy real-time object status visibility
Speed up reporting & gain granular insights in performance
Invoice faster & in full based on correct information
Ensure compliance and deliver stellar customer service
Facilitate onboarding, speed up execution & reduce errors

Working paper-based, the process to log a case of non-acceptance would take on average 10 minutes. Today this happens in real-time, which allows us to save on average 33 hours per month.

Swissport Cargo Services

How does it work? 

  • Use proven IATA checklists or configure your own
  • Configure standard messaging & templates
  • Configure user roles & locations
  • Set up procedures with automatic triggers & tasks
  • Operators log in and scan barcode / key in reference n°
  • Right checks/tasks are presented based on user role & procedures
  • They execute checks/tasks, take pictures, add notes on mobile device
  • Customers receive notifications and reports automatically
  • Communication is clear & comprehensive via standard templates
  • Management pulls reports on various parameters (e.g. task status, refused cargo, reason for refusal, amount of checks executed, lead times, etc)
  • Quality Management has real-time object status visibility
  • Looks up shipment info & status instantly in the platform

A flexible approach

Choose the set-up that best suits your operations

Ready to go

Activate tested and proven (IATA) checklists


Have your check/task lists built for you according to your specific requirements


Build your own check/task lists from scratch and adapt as and when needed.  

Reporting used to involve compiling and consolidating excel sheets, which easily took half an hour per day. Having data available in the platform in a click of a button saves us more than 10 hours of reporting admin per month.

Swissport Cargo Services

Adapted to your business

Manage station(s) centrally

  • Assign check-lists to user groups, staff only see those relevant to them
  • Centrally create/duplicate, distribute & run checklists across your station or network
  • Duplicate or configure procedures as needed

Easy to run, easy to integrate

  • Available off the shelf, with endless customization options
  • Mobile app available in Google Play and Apple Store
  • Integrates with other apps, back-end & community systems


  • Facilitate work for your operators with task/checklists in their own language
  • Standard checklists available in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin

Flexible set-up

  • Go for standard or configure to your needs
  • Easy set-up of checklists, procedures and automated flows in a matter of clicks
  • Build once, duplicate forever

Did you know? 

Check-it  could also be used to register and track cargo as it moves through your warehouse, from acceptance to departure. You define and configure the required data points, so your workforce captures and shares the information you need throughout your process. 

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