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Solutions for Freight Forwarders & Trucking Companies

Eliminate waiting times

Nallian helps you to streamline import and export processes. With pro-active communication and smart data-sharing you eliminate waiting times at the ground handler's facilities, reduce paperwork and adminstration and ensure faster customers clearance and VAT recovery.

Recommended solutions for you

Truck Visit Solution

Get visibility. Plan effectively. Execute efficiently. 

With Nallian's Truck Visit Solution you get visibility on who is picking up or dropping of cargo at your warehouse, plan actions efficiently and reduce administration. Boost operational performance with paperless (pre)registration, slot booking and sharing of freight details.

Inspection Management

Faciliate the import inspection process of perishable goods

With Nallian's Inspection Management solution you streamline the coordination of all actions and sharing of documents and certificates related to the inspection process of imported perishable goods. Eliminate paperwork, plan efficiently and communication in real-time. 


Digitize acceptance & compliance checks.

With Check-it you facilitate the execution of acceptance & compliance checks in your organization (pharma, DGR, perishables, damage, equipment maintenance, etc). Streamlinie the process from data capture to real-time track & trace to communication& reporting.

Mobile app for drivers

Put information and data-capture in your driver's hands. 

With the mobile app drivers get access to all info regarding the slots that are assigned to them and  register related actions and information in real-time. Save time, reduce administration, eliminate fraud-sensitive handover of paper documents and improve process visibility.

Your benefits

Eliminate waiting times & improve reliability of planning thanks to increased predictability

Avoid stress for operational staff thanks to clear planning and information

Avoid duplicate, error-prone data-input, reduce admin and invoice faster & first time right

Plan and do more in a day with the same amount of staff thanks to operational predictability 

Attract high-demanding commodities (pharma, e-commerce) with world-class service transparency and reliability 

What our customers say

"Using Slot Booking we achieved a 50% drop in waiting times on export and 25% on import, together with an immense cut in overtime for the drivers."

Expeditors | Bart Hauwaerts, Warehouse Manager

"Using slot booking has been a true game changer, improving efficiency, predictability and transparency throughout our cargo pick-up and delivery process. It has reduced waiting times by on average 30 to 60 minutes per pick-up or delivery, going to several hours during peak times."

DHL Global Forwarding | David Bellon, Airfreight Product Station Manager

“We have a better overview of when to pick up or drop off cargo.”

BDP International |Yves Verheyden, Branch Manager

How other Freight Forwarders and Trucking Companies are benefiting from this

Digital Green Lane powered by Nallian

Griley Air Freight transforms freight management using Nallian's Truck Visit Management solution at Menzies LAX

Hazgo increases efficiency, quality and compliance using digital checklists for dangerous goods and pharma shipments

TVP Logistics guarantees quality and compliance of pharma, GDP and TAPA transports using Nallian’s digital checklist app Check-it

Menzies eliminates wait times and improves efficiency with Nallian's Truck Visit Management Solution

Nallian's Inspection Management streamlines import inspection process at Brussels Airport’s cargo hub

How to get the most out of a Cargo Cloud: insights from BRUcloud pioneer DHL Global Forwarding

Swissport streamlines freight management operations with Nallian’s Truck Visit Management solution

Brussels Airport first to empower freight forwarders with Nallian’s new Acceptance & Delivery app

Ground handler LACHS increases productivity by 33% with Nallian's Slot Booking for Air Cargo

Brussels Airport's cargo community eliminates waiting time and smoothens peaks and idle times with Nallian’s Slot Booking for Air Cargo.

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